Does ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Have A Release Date Yet?

Fans of Attack on Titan feel as if they have been waiting an eternity for the release date of Season 2. Per IMDb, it was in 2013 that the intense and violent anime series stole the hearts of anime lovers across the United States.

About a month ago, the Inquisitr revealed a number of media outlets were reporting a release date for Attack on Titan Season 2 had been confirmed. The problem was there were several different outlets reporting several different release dates. To make things worse for fans of the series, these release dates for Season 2 were nothing but speculations and rumors at the time.


Crunchy Roll reports that the cast of Attack on Titan revealed during a reading at a festival that production of Season 2 was scheduled for Spring of 2017. It has previously been reported in November of 2014 that Season 2 of Attack on Titan was being planned for 2016. However, news about production slipping back to 2017 also came to light. Whether this means the release date of Season 2 is set for the Spring of 2017, however, is unclear.

My Anime List has also changed their estimated release date for Season 2 of Attack on Titan to Spring of 2017 in light of what the cast revealed during the reading.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers And News

For some Attack on Titan fans, waiting for the release date of Season 2 to be confirmed is difficult. Fortunately, for those who are struggling to wait, a promotion trailer with subtitles was recently leaked on YouTube. The uploader of the video claimed to use random music in the video in order to avoid any issue with copyright. Check out the short promo of Attack on Titan Season 2 below.

One of the biggest questions fans have regarding Season 2 of Attack on Titan is simple – why is there a Titan in the wall in the first place? In the promo trailer above, a priest from the religious organization who worships the towering walls intended to protect the city from the Titans is questioned by one of the squad leaders about the Titan in the wall.

For fans of Attack on Titan who read the manga, you can guess what direction Season 2 is going to take whenever the release date actually occurs. One of the biggest reasons why Attack on Titan has such a loyal fan base is because of how close the anime series followed the original plot line of the manga. Fans can only assume Season 2 of the series will continue to do the same.


The biggest reason why there was such a hold-up with the release date of Season 2 is because the manga was still being produced. Currently, there are not enough chapters of the manga to create another 25-26 episode season and they do not want to stray from the manga story line. Naturally, the solution to this problem was to delay the release date of Season 2 until more chapters of the Attack on Titan manga could be released.

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Attack on Titan became a wildly popular series in Japan. As such, two video games, a prequel light novel, a live-action mini-series, two live-action movies, and a spin-off manga where all of the characters are in junior high all followed as part of the Attack on Titan franchise.


Are you anxiously waiting for a confirmed release date for Season 2 of Attack on Titan? Have you also read the manga or are you stuck waiting for the release of Season 2 to find out why there is a titan stuck in the wall? Be sure to let us know what you think of Attack on Titan and whether or not you also read the manga of the series in the comments section found below.

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