Fifth Harmony Fans Blast Perez Hilton Over Leaked Photo Of Lauren Jauregui Kissing A Female Friend

Fifth Harmony fans are showing their support for Lauren Jauregui after photos of the Fifth Harmony star at a friend’s wedding were published online.

Fans of the girl group were quick to rally around the singer on Twitter on November 13, putting blogger Perez Hilton and even other Fifth Harmony fans on serious blast after images of Lauren surfaced across social media, one of which shows Fifth Harmony’s Jauregui playfully kissing another woman on the lips.

Perez Hilton published the photos on Twitter on November 13, which appeared to be taken at a friend’s wedding on November 11, showing Lauren posing with two female friends and one male friend friend in two photos before then planting a kiss on a female friend’s lips, who fans identified only as Lucy, in the third.

It’s not clear exactly how the blogger got his hands on the shot of the Fifth Harmony star at the celebration, though Fifth Harmony’s legions of fans were quick to slam the blogger for publishing the snaps, rallying around Lauren and putting Perez on serious blast in support of Jauregui.

Fifth Harmony - Lauren Jauregui
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“Why are Fifth Harmony fans being so extra over this photo of Lauren Jauregui (in the red) kissing another girl?” Hilton asked on the social media site alongside the photos, adding that the snaps of Lauren posing with friends were “no big deal.”

But it looks like thousands of Fifth Harmony fans didn’t see the blogger publishing the kissing photo that way.

“It’s not ok to potentially out people,” Fifth Harmony fan @KatieMinard hit back at Hilton over the photo, to which Perez then replied, “It’s not ok to assume someone is gay because they’re kissing someone of the same gender. SO small-minded!!!”

Fifth Harmony fans then continued to slam Hilton, causing a war of words between the celebrity blogger and Fifth Harmony’s dedicated followers on the 140-character site.

“Why are you assuming s*** off [a] cute and silly nonsexual photo?” Hilton then continued to Lauren’s legions of supporters.

Fifth Harmony
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Lauren has yet to officially speak out about the kissing photo, and it’s not yet clear if Perez had Jauregui’s permission to post the snap online, though Fifth Harmony fans continued to throw their support behind the star on social media, urging the blogger and other fans to respect Jauregui’s privacy.

“I respect Lauren Jauregui as a human being and respect her privacy. She is more than just her sexuality. Pass it on,” Fifth Harmony follower @LaurenGoogling wrote on the social media site, while @poltergxist tweeted out, “Respect Lauren’s privacy. She deserves it just as much as you do. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean that rule automatically disappears.”

“If you support, care and respect Lauren just move on,” @_LaurmaniSquad wrote as Fifth Harmony fans continued to post the photo of Lauren kissing a female friend across social media. “It’s her personal life and she doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone.”

Jauregui has yet to comment on the photo leak, though this isn’t the first time Fifth Harmony fans have rallying around the singer.

Back in September, Fifth Harmony’s followers shared messages of support for Lauren after concertgoers took to social media to share footage of Jauregui breaking down in tears during a performance of Fifth Harmony’s track “No Way.”

Fifth Harmony concertgoers captured footage of Lauren falling to the floor in tears during the girl band’s “7/27 Tour” stop at Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 8, causing a number of alarmed fans to spread the love on Twitter, sending sweet and supportive messages to the musician.

Lauren later took to Twitter herself following her tearful onstage moment, thanking the band’s millions of followers for their support after she was spotted crying during the emotional performance.

“Thank you guys so much for the love and concern,” Lauren tweeted out to Fifth Harmony fans at the time. “I’m feeling a lot better today! Lyrics just made me extra emotional yesterday [I love you].”

What do you think of Fifth Harmony fans rallying around Lauren Jauregui?

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