Kirsten Fritch Amber Alert: Texas 16-Year-Old Missing After Mom And Sister Found Dead, Her Boyfriend Arrested [Video]

An Amber Alert has been issued for Texas 16-year-old Kirsten Fritch after her mother and sister were found shot to death in the family’s Baytown home. The gruesome discovery was made on Tuesday, and the victims of the horrific crime have been identified as 37-year-old Cynthia Morris and 13-year-old Breanna Pavilicek.

As Chron reports, the Kirsten Fritch Amber Alert was issued after investigators realized that she was missing from the home. According to investigators working on the case, they believe that Kirsten is in serious, immediate, and grave danger.

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[Photo by The AWARE Project]

Police were alerted to the double murder and disappearance of Kirsten Fritch by Kristen’s grandmother, Barbara DeRamus. She had heard that her daughter, Cynthia Morris, hadn’t arrived at work, and subsequently, she was unable to be contacted. Barbara went to her daughter’s home to check on her, and the door was found ajar.

“Why is my daughter and my little granddaughter gone? They were just so young and they didn’t deserve this.”

Without entering the home, and just after 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Barbara called the police to conduct a welfare check on Kirsten Fritch and her family. That’s when responding officers made a heartbreaking discovery.

Cynthia and Breanna were found deceased, having apparently been shot to death. Kirsten was missing. Right away, police named a person of interest; Kirsten Fritch’s 21-year-old boyfriend, 22-year-old Jesse Dobbs. Police initially believed that Kirsten was with Dobbs, and they issued an Amber Alert hoping to ensure her safe return, adding that a vehicle from the family’s home had also disappeared.


According to Kirsten’s grandmother, Barbara, the teen had been dating Jesse “for a few weeks” before the double murder and Amber Alert. Reportedly, he had been squatting at the family’s home and Kirsten’s mother, Cynthia, had told her daughter that he had to go. Soon thereafter, Cynthia and her 13-year-old daughter would be found dead, and Kirsten and Jesse would be nowhere to be found.

null describes Kirsten Fritch as being a being a 16-year-old white female with brown hair and green eyes. She is 5 ft. 1 in. tall and 135 pounds. Anyone with information about her whereabouts has been asked to call Baytown Crime Stoppers at 281-427-TIPS (8477) or Baytown Police at (281) 422-8371 to help bring her home.

Since Kirsten Fritch’s disappearance and subsequent Amber Alert, Fox13Now reports that her boyfriend (and the only person of interest in her mother and sister’s murders) Jesse Dobbs has been apprehended by law enforcement. He was found driving the missing vehicle, a cream 2008 PT Cruiser. He was arrested late Tuesday night on the outskirts of Texas City.


The arrest of Jesse Dobbs has made the urgency of the Kirsten Fritch Amber Alert even more pronounced. Any hopes that she may have been found alive and well with him were immediately dashed, as Fritch was nowhere to be found when Jesse Dobbs was arrested.

As ABC13 reports in a Kirsten Fritch Amber Alert update, investigators believe that Jesse Dobbs likely knows something about her whereabouts, and he is currently being held by law enforcement. Police aren’t saying much about how they found him, but Fritch’s boyfriend was reportedly arrested at around 9:00 p.m. at Shenanigan’s bar in Texas City.

Reportedly, Dobbs was alone when he walked, shoeless, into the Texas bar. He allegedly made a phone call to an unknown person, asking them to come pick him up. Meanwhile, police were already aware of his whereabouts and entered the bar en masse to arrest him. Eyewitnesses claim that he didn’t fight arrest, he has been charged with resisting arrest, search or transport.


It is that charge that is allowing the Texas City Jail to hold Dobbs, who reportedly refuses to tell investigators anything about Kirsten Fritch, including her whereabouts. According to The AWARE Project on Facebook, Baytown police issued an update on their investigation on Wednesday.

“Baytown Detectives interviewed Jesse Dobbs today. Based on our investigation thus far and conversations with Mr. Dobbs we believe that he may have knowledge of the homicide and the whereabouts of Kirsten Fritch, however, Mr. Dobbs refused to provide us with details of either. Mr. Dobbs is currently being held on a resisting arrest charge that stemmed from his encounter with Texas City Police last night. Baytown Detectives are actively investigating and searching in the Texas City area for Kirsten. Pictured is a current mug shot of Dobbs. We will send out an update advising of any developments as soon as possible.”

According to Kirsten Fritch’s grandmother, Barbara DeRamus, she wants answers in the wake of the double murders and Amber Alert.

“Is she alive? Is she dead? Is she just lost her mind and hiding somewhere? I think he murdered my daughter and my granddaughter and I don’t know if he’s got Kirsten held captive, I don’t know if he’s murdered her.”


DeRamus says she met Kirsten’s boyfriend not too long before the murders and Amber Alert. She claims she got a “bad feeling” about Dobbs immediately.

Jesse Dobbs is currently being held at the Texas City Jail on charges of resisting arrest, search or transport. He has been named a “person of interest” in the double murders and Kirsten’s disappearance but has yet to be charged in connection to the crimes. Kirsten Fritch remains missing, the Amber Alert still active, as her family prays for her safe return.

[Featured Image by Locate The Missing/Baytown Police Department]