'Trolls' End-Credits Scene: Find Out Why Parents Will Want To Keep Their Kids In The Seats After The Movie Ends

Nathan Francis

Trolls is hitting theaters this weekend, and parents will want to know if there's an after-credits scene that makes it worth keeping the kids in the seats for a few minutes longer.

The after-credits scene, also known as credit cookie or stinger, is a short scene that comes on after all the credits have ended. It's usually a light-hearted way to close out the movie, offering a final joke or a bit of wrap-up for an unresolved plot line.

These scenes are common in action movies and a have become something of a standard in the superhero genre, but family movies are a little spottier. The means folks heading out to Trolls this weekend will want to know ahead of time if they should stay put for one of these scenes or if they can get the kids together and head for the exits.

So, is there an after-credits scene in Trolls? The answer is yes -- and no.

As Media Stinger noted, the movie doesn't have any scenes tucked all the way after the credits have ended. So in the traditional sense, there is no after-credits scene in Trolls. But the site noted that there is a scene that plays while the credits are rolling.

Details about this scene not yet available, but it is known that it will be completed before the credits end. This is a common theme in family movies, with music scenes or even made-up outtakes playing to keep viewers entertained while the credits roll.

There could be a very big audience to see the after-credits scene in Trolls. The film will help usher in the holiday movie season, bringing an end to the post-summer doldrums and grabbing a big share of the audience itching to get back to the movie theater.

Experts predict that Trolls will take the No. 2 spot at the box office this weekend, coming in only behind the Marvel movie Doctor Strange. As ScreenRant noted, Trolls could take advantage of a long stretch without a solid family movie, which itself might lead to a big opening weekend.

"Few things can compete with the machine that is Marvel, so Trolls' best case scenario is a silver medal finish in its opening weekend. Thankfully, it has enough working in its favor that it should still have a fruitful first three days. For starters, the critical response has (arguably surprisingly) been positive, with many finding a strong, positive message at the film's heart. There's also been a dry spell recently for programming in this particular demographic, with Storks never really catching on. Trolls could definitely fill a void with its colorful design and catchy soundtrack. Projections have it pegged for $39.5 million, which is in the neighborhood of Kung Fu Panda 3."

"The marketing has focused primarily on the all-star cast, which includes movie stars like Anna Kendrick and John Cleese, pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani, comics like Ron Funches and Russell Brand, talk-show host James Corden, and even YouTube stars like Kandee Johnson and Ricky Dillon," the report noted. "For a kids' movie, many of those names aren't likely to sway the target demographic, but there's a definite play for cult potential with older, hipper viewers."

[Featured Image by DreamWorks Animation]