Kate Middleton Pregnant? Baby Bump Reveal Will Allegedly Take Place At Pippa Middleton's Wedding [Report]

Kate Middleton pregnant? Rumors of the duchess' pregnancy has taken Pippa Middleton out of the spotlight, again. While the duchess' sister Pippa has been planning the ceremony for quite some time, it looks like her older sister Kate might overshadow her big day.

For quite some time, Pippa Middleton and her fiance James Matthew have been preparing for their wedding. Having their ceremony overshadowed by Kate's baby bump would only be unfair. Still, the Morning Ledger has recently reported that the duchess might be bowing out of her little sister's wedding.

Not only has it been reported that Duchess Kate plans on not attending her sister's wedding, but that she has also been recently trying to keep a low public profile.

Kate Middleton's pregnancy has been a rumor for almost the entirety of this year. Morning Ledger reports that the Duchess of Cambridge was showing signs of pregnancy for a while. Middleton was allegedly suffering from such severe morning sickness that she had to cancel her visit to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The royal was also fearful of contracting Zika. As a result, she reportedly decided not to take the trip with her husband, Prince William.

While Kate Middleton being pregnant could be a health concern for the duchess, that recently doesn't seem to be the media's focus. Morning Ledger reported that the duchess has decided to skip out on her sister's wedding. Initially, the duchess was going to serve as her maid of honor, but has reportedly changed her mind.

The duchess allegedly has a good reason to miss the occasion. Middleton is apparently fearful that her baby bump will take away attention from her sister on her wedding day. Kate doesn't want to upstage Pippa, so she has supposedly decided to skip out on the ceremony.

A pregnant Kate Middleton is always a cause for a scene. Not only would the baby bump lead to a lot of distraction among wedding guests, but the media would also naturally try to catch a glimpse of what the duchess is wearing.

The Morning Ledger explained there have been conflicting reports regarding Kate's wedding attendance. Some publications have claimed that Pippa Middleton doesn't want her older sister at her wedding. Reportedly, Pippa doesn't want her special day to be taken away by her sister's rumored unborn child.

If Kate Middleton is pregnant and decides to attend her sister's wedding, it might lead to conflict within the duchess' family. Royals author Judy Wade spoke of this issue further with the Daily Mail, explained the Morning Ledger.

"Kate would upstage her sister [if she were maid of honor]. It's a tricky situation for Pippa. She would want her sister by her side, as who else would she trust to make things go well? … But if your sister is a future queen, she is going to upstage the bride and draw attention."
However, Kate Middleton being pregnant might not be the sole reason the duchess is skipping out on her sister's wedding. The Daily Beast has reported that Middleton couldn't be the maid of honor, reiterated the Morning Ledger. Supposedly in British tradition, bridesmaids and the maid of honor are supposed to be single. They're also supposed to be younger than the bride. If this is the case, Kate Middleton couldn't serve in this position, since she is a year older than her sister.
The Morning Ledger has also reported that Pippa Middleton might ask her sister to recite poetry or bible verses at her ceremony. Still, that hasn't been confirmed.

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