‘The Incredibles 2’ Plot, Release Date Cast For 2018 — Brad Bird Is Finally Moving Forward With The Sequel

The Incredibles 2 is finally coming … though the release date is cast for June 15, 2018. The plot is unknown, but Brad Bird has revealed that he would not move forward with the eagerly anticipated sequel until he had a story bigger and better than the first.

This should be enough to whet the appetites of those who have been hanging on for 12 years after a sequel was teased. Jack-Jack will likely be in his teens now if the characters have aged in real-world time. Violet would probably be in college while Dash could be about to enter college himself on a sports scholarship, or working as a Track and Field coach hiding his gift.

Rumors from previous years have stated that the story may center on Jack-Jack, the baby who never revealed his powers to his parents in the first film, according to Yibada. However, when Syndrome had decided to kidnap him, he found out the hard way that Jack-Jack has multiple powers. In a way, the youngest member of the Parr family (The Incredibles) might have had his powers triggered the same way that Marvel’s mutants do. When under extreme stress, their powers reveal themselves. Of course nothing says that Bill and Helen didn’t have more children, though they might have decided against it.

Don’t expect anything too dark in nature though, as Disney likes to keep things family friendly. Yes, Disney gave us some scary villains in their animated films before, but they always seem to keep their target audience in mind. The Incredibles 2 cast likely won’t be dealing with things like suicide or turning Frozone into a disgruntled former ally out for revenge.

Back when The Incredibles was released, it actually beat The Fantastic Four to a theatrical release, and fans were quick to point out that the teams were mostly the same. Violet Parr was like Invisible Woman. Mr. Incredible was like The Thing. Elastigirl was like Mr. Fantastic. Dash and Jack-Jack were the only ones who differed, though the baby did have the ability to burst into flame like The Human Torch.

For the Incredibles 2 release date, Brad Bird may be taking the direction of making Jack-Jack a secret villain, mirroring what he did with Incrediboy AKA Syndrome. There could be a heavy focus on raising super-powered teenagers and the dangers of doing so. Jack-Jack would be about the same age as Syndrome, but have an unstable collection of powers which would put the entire family to the test. Combine this with hormones and the struggle for self-identity most teens deal with, and you have the origins of an anti-hero on the verge of choosing a side.

Combine this with the idea of many missing “supers” which Mr. Incredible hadn’t found on Syndrome’s island, and there could be almost a league of villains to contend with.

The previously stated Incredibles 2 release date had been for 2019, giving the Summer 2018 spot to Toy Story 4. However, Pixar has switched the dates according to Variety, and both films will be aiming to bridge the gap between upcoming Transformers sequels, the Jurassic World sequel, and an untitled DC Comics film.

Unlike Toy Story 4, which many fans might see as an unnecessary sequel to a story which ended with a touch of finality, The Incredibles 2 is along awaited.

Who and what do you think the official villain and plot will be when the Incredibles 2 release date hits?

[Featured Image by Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios]