10-Kilometer-Long Alien UFO Mothership Parked Inside Moon Crater Spotted In Apollo 15 Photo NASA Released Accidentally, ET Hunters Claim [Video]

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted a gigantic 10-kilometer alien UFO mothership that looks like the USS Voyager from Star Trek in an Apollo 15 photo of the Moon's surface released accidentally by NASA. According to the UFO hunter, NASA never intended to release the image because of the evidence of alien technology on the lunar surface that it contains, but the image was released due, apparently, to a human error.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring reporting on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, claimed that the massive UFO mothership was spotted parked or probably abandoned near the Waterman Crater on the far side of the Moon.

Waring explained that sky watchers have not been able to view the massive UFO spacecraft parked at the edge of the Waterman crater only because the far side of the Moon cannot be viewed directly from Earth. However, NASA has known for years since the Apollo 15 mission, and possibly earlier, that there is a massive 10-kilometer-long piece of alien technology inside a crater on the lunar far side. But the agency, keeping with its rigid UFO non-disclosure policy, had covered up the information by refusing to release photos showing the crater and the gigantic alien UFO mothership parked near it.

"When looking over the Apollo 15 panoramic images, I came across a photo that has a mothership in it."
But recently, NASA unintentionally released two photos showing the UFO parked at the edge of the Waterman crater. And by the time NASA higher-ups detected the error, eagle-eyed UFO hunters had spotted the humongous piece of alien technology lurking in the photo and alerted the entire world.

However, according to Waring, the agency eventually deleted one of the two photos.

"Since one of the two original photos was deleted by NASA, I think its best to preserve this UFO on video in case the last remaining URL photo is deleted," Waring wrote on YouTube.

The NASA employee who released the photo evidently did not realize that he was releasing a classified Apollo 15 image showing a gigantic alien spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, some UFO hunters speculated. Other UFO hunters voiced suspicion that the employee could have been acting deliberately as a whistleblower.

The panoramic image (see below) from the Apollo 15 mission shows the gigantic UFO mothership parked near the Waterman Crater in the vicinity of the 185-kilometer Tsiolkovskiy crater.

UFO on the lunar surface
10-kilometer-long UFO mothership on the lunar surface, according to UFO hunters [Image by NASA/Apollo Image Atlas/Public Domain]

Waring attempted to refute the argument by skeptics that the "object" in the photo was, in fact, a cloud that formed inside the crater, or more likely, an incidental cloud-like flaw in the photo or even dust on the lens of the camera that snapped the photo.

A massive UFO on the lunar surface
Close-up of alleged 10-kilometer-long UFO on the lunar surface [Image by NASA/Apollo Image Atlas/Public Domain]

"It is not a cloud. Clouds do not exist on the Moon," the alien hunter commented. "So I enlarged the photo and saw that not only was it a ship, it looked a lot like the Star Ship Voyager from Star Trek."

Waring also denied the claim by some skeptics that the "object" was due to an incidental reflection of light on the lunar surface. He argued that because other photos of the same area of the lunar surface taken from different angles show the same massive object lying in the lunar crater (see below), it could not be a reflection of light.

"It looks a lot like light reflecting off of the side of a hill to me. But what do I know?" a skeptic commented on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

"Below are some other NASA photos that also have the ship in it, which proves it is not a reflection of light."
UFO parked on the lunar surface
UFO parked on the edge of Waterman crater on the lunar surface [Image by NASA/UFO Sightings Daily/Public Domain]

"Now this Ship sits inside the edge of Waterman Crater, very close to Tsiolkovsky crater," the UFO hunter continued. "Tsiolkovsky crater is 185 km across long ways and about 160 across the short ways."

According to Waring, the unintentional disclosure gives insight into why the agency canceled Apollo mission 18 through 20. Although the agency claims that the missions were canceled due to lack of funds, UFO conspiracy theorists say that NASA canceled the missions after technologically advanced aliens that had colonized the far side of the Moon before NASA astronauts landed confronted the astronauts and accused them of trespassing. The aliens ordered the astronauts to leave the Moon and warned them to never return.

The Inquisitr reported last June that UFO hunters claimed to have sighted an alien spacecraft hovering menacingly in the lunar sky in a 1972 Apollo 17 image of the Moon (see video below). According to UFO conspiracy theorists, the alien spacecraft was a military craft sent to monitor the Apollo 17 mission crew to ensure compliance with an order to leave the Moon.

UFO hunters claimed it was not incidental that the Apollo 17 astronauts, including Commander Eugene Cernan and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt, were the last men on the Moon.
The stern warning for the aliens caused NASA and government officials to panic. An emergency decision was taken to end the Apollo program. Apollo 18 through 20 missions, intended to be "J missions" involving three-day Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) on the lunar surface, were canceled.

Eugene Cernan on the Moon
Apollo 17 mission Commander Eugene Cernan performs EVA on the lunar surface [Image by NASA/Wikimedia/Public Domain]

According to Waring, the fact that NASA has not attempted since the Apollo 17 mission to return to the Moon to retrieve the massive piece of alien technology parked near the Waterman crater proves that the last men on the Moon were ordered to leave by technologically superior extraterrestrial beings.

Conspiracy theorists argue that it is inconceivable that NASA would casually pass up an opportunity to obtain advanced alien technology for reverse-engineering studies.

"I have to ask you, what do you think NASA would do if they discovered a 10.6 km long alien vessel parked on the lunar surface on the far side of the Moon?" Waring asked. "They would set up a retrieval mission or at the least explore the interior for technology that they could take home."

This is not the first time that alien hunters have reported sighting a massive alien spaceship parked on the lunar surface.

Alien hunters also claimed in October 2014 to have spotted a 10-mile-long alien spaceship parked in a crater on the lunar surface, close to a 120-mile-long alien highway.

The alleged craft and highway were reportedly spotted in a 1967 Lunar Orbiter II photo of the Moon's surface launched to map the lunar surface ahead of the Apollo landing missions.

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