'Morning Joe' Scarborough Claims NBC 'Cooked' Poll To Help Hillary [Video]

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, apparently believes there is something fishy about the new NBC poll that shows Democrat Hillary Clinton with an 11-point lead over Republican rival Donald Trump.

Scarborough's criticism of his own network's allegedly manipulated poll that aired today in the 6 a.m. portion of the show was reportedly deleted during the 8 a.m. replay.

With the support of co-host "Morning Mika" Brzezinski, Morning Joe claimed that the poll "was cooked" because it was taken at the height of the Access Hollywood scandal in which Trump was heard on a hot mic using lewd language 11 years ago, but excluded the second presidential debate on Sunday night. While engaging in some preemptive damage control about his love for his MSNBC gig, Scarborough declared that the poll "could not have been cooked more to get the result they got."

"It was cooked," Mika agreed.

Both Joe and Mika have had an on-again, off-again feud with their frenemy Donald Trump, the controversial GOP presidential nominee and first-time candidate, during which they have directed lots of harsh criticism in his direction.

The Legal Insurrection website broke the story of how the segment about the Hillary Clinton poll was apparently scrubbed the second time around.

"Scarborough's point was that NBC sampled only during the height of the hot mic hysteria, but didn't include sampling from after the debate, widely viewed as having been won by Trump. Joe obviously knew he was skating on thin network ice, prefacing his criticism by saying "we work here. We really love working here. We love this place.

"This certainly smells like MSNBC censorship, done to protect both NBC and its pro-Hillary poll. In the video clip, you'll see the original 6AM segment, containing Scarborough's criticism, followed by what aired at 8AM, which omitted the criticism and jumped to Mika's reading of the highly-favorable-to-Hillary poll results."

During the campaign season, there has been lots of chatter on pro-Trump websites that in general, the polls allegedly fail to reflect the scope of the Trump support and that they oversample Democrats to skew the results.

Both Joe and Mika were also pretty impressed with Trump's debate performance Sunday night, with Joe remarking on Monday morning that maybe some GOP politicians who bailed on Trump after the leak of the Access Hollywood locker-room talk (as Trump has described it) may have regrets.

"Donald Trump, who has made the Republican Party members' lives a living and breathing hells for the past year-and-a-half, turned it up to 11… And all of those people who jumped ship were looking at their TV last night and about halfway through the debate were saying, 'Oh shoot.'… This is the political reality, that for the Republican base, Donald Trump delivered the political attack against the Clinton machine that the Republican base and middle America have been waiting for for years now."
Mika chimed in that Trump's debate presentation was "epic" and that it rocked the political world.
Joe Scarborough also claimed that "everyone" in the news media hates Donald Trump as reflected on social media and thinks he is evil, which is similar to a charge made by Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel, who contends that at least three news organizations have ordered their staff to "destroy" Donald Trump.
In July, rumors surfaced that Joe Scarborough and the recently divorced career journalist Mika Brzezinski, co-workers on the show for nine years, are in a relationship. Scarborough, 53, a former Republican politician who represented Florida's 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2001, divorced his wife in 2013. To date, there has been no official confirmation that Scarborough and Brzezinski, 49, are romantically linked,

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