Laganja Estranja of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Fame Takes Down Donald Trump With Eloquent Speech [Video]

She may not have been able to snatch the competition in Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but notable show alum Laganja Estranja still has more charisma, uniqueness, talent and nerve — the latter two aspects are switched for a reason, RPDR superfans — than most who have appeared on the show possess.

As of late, the 27-year-old dancer, female impersonator (born Jay Jackson) and marijuana enthusiast has been incredibly vocal about her thoughts on the supporters and focal point of the Republican presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump. Just last week, as reported by Mic, “Ganj” combated openly gay music producer Lucian Piane on Twitter for his decision to “absolutely not” vote for Democratic candidate and LGBT supporter, Hillary Clinton, while also seemingly siding with Trump and his problematic comments toward minorities.


“I’m heartbroken that Lucian would use his platform to put this energy out into the world,” she went on to say in an interview regarding the dust-up. “A protest vote against Hillary … is a vote for Trump. This election is not the time for a protest vote.”

While that response might seem tame, keep in mind that Piane mostly composes music for RuPaul herself, the drag queen “superstar of the world” that gave Laganja her wide-reaching spotlight (they are also said to be close, personal friends).

Laganja Estranja
Jay Johnson, Laganja's "alter ego," is an accomplished dancer and performer. [Photo by Laganja Estranja/Facebook]

Now going one step further in her movement to help shift undecided voters’ mindsets to one that understands they’re “Stronger Together,” Estranja has taken to YouTube to spread the important word of putting Clinton in office. In a video, titled “Drag Queen Drags Trump,” the usually-energetic performer tones herself own to share some necessary truth with her fans and all other Americans, too.

Sitting at a mock television news set while giving us full-on anchorwoman realness, Laganja begins by first expressing that like most naysayers of The Apprentice ex-host, she, too didn’t take Trump’s running so seriously at first.

“I must admit that I have enjoyed watching this flaming circus of garbage that he calls his ‘campaign,'” she states, “but the United States of America is my country, and the Oval Office is not the set of a reality television show. The next president of the United States of America should be educated, well-informed, measured and experienced.”

“This November, it is not a matter of which candidate should have the job,” she continues. “It is a matter of which candidate can actually do the job.”

Lightly mocking her own memorable lash out toward her competitors during her RuPaul’s Drag Race run (“I feel very attacked!“), Estranja then shows disheartening clips that were taken at several Trump rallies where the candidate and his supporters dole out repeated threats — and occasional physical acts of violence — against the media, and supporters and staffers of Clintons.

According to Laganja, these are all a dangerous foreshadowing of what could come should he obtain the reins of this country.

laganja estranja
Laganja (bottom left) poses with the cast of 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' Season 6. [Photo by Robin Marchant/Stringer/Getty Images]

“He is [like] the friend of the bully in your sixth-grade English class who laughed when you got called ‘sissy’ and ‘fa**ot’ and ‘fairy.’ He is the guy that watched, [the one who] not only stood by and did nothing about the injustice, but [also] instigated it. Look at him and his supporters — you know them. These are the people who terrorized your childhood, and they want to ‘make America great again.'”

After touching on other important topics including Trump’s opposition to same-sex marriage (“I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay,” the businessman once relayed, “but I am a traditionalist”), his endorsement of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which would allow owners of any business to refuse to serve an LGBT-er due to their own “religious beliefs,” and his ever-growing list of promises that are doused with xenophobic intentions, Laganja closes off by reminding people that actual moves must be made to ensure that Trump doesn’t take the presidency this year, or ever.

“I don’t know what will happen [on Election Day],” she relays, “but I will not risk the outcome of silence. Don’t let apathy take over. ‘He will never win,’ is not something you say on November 8. If you are gay, if you are a minority, or if you just love this country, this is the moment that counts.”

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Stringer/Getty Images]