‘Bates Motel’ Season 5 Drastically Deviates From ‘Psycho’ For A Mind-Blowing Series Finale, Promises To Shock Viewers [Spoilers]

A&E has yet to release the premiere date of Bates Motel Season 5, yet the fans are already piecing together what may happen in the final 10 episodes and the anticipation has them all worked up about the jaw-dropping plot, Game N Guide reports. The viewers are bracing themselves for many twists and turns as they prepare for the Bates Motel showrunners to deliver a mind-blowing finish to a critically acclaimed series.

Bates Motel is loosely based on the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. Until Season 5, the series has followed the film’s plot points to a T. If you ever watched the film, you knew what may happen next in the series. Apparently, that is over. Showrunner Carlton Cuse revealed that Season 5 will not follow the film and will deviate to a point that “will blow the fans minds, completely.”


The biggest clue about the season came from a recent casting announcement. TV Line reported that actress Isabelle McNally will join the series as Madeline Loomis. She was described as a gentle and kind person that is said to look exactly like a young Norma Bates.

In the original film Psycho, there was no character named Madeline. There seems to be two possible storylines for the Norma lookalike. First, she could be Sam Loomis’ wife. In the movie, Sam told Marion Crane that he couldn’t be with her because he paid his ex-wife an “insane amount of money” and couldn’t take care of her properly. With the same last name, one can’t help but speculate that she could be Sam’s wife. Maybe she will come to Bates Motel searching for Marion to confront her or to find her husband, Sam.


Another possible storyline could be that Marion and Madeline are lovers and they don’t plan on introducing Sam into the storylines at all. They haven’t released a casting call for Sam and the Bates Motel viewers have wondered who will play the handsome hunk. If the rumors are correct, Madeline would replace Sam’s character, making Marion and Madeline lesbian lovers. This would definitely be a deviation from the original plot of Psycho. It would be mind-blowing for many of the Bates Motel‘s loyal fans.


A&E has been extremely careful and hasn’t revealed many details about the upcoming season. Cuse said last year that they planned to deviate from the original storyline because “it was boring.” He noted they had plans to “spice it up and shock the viewers.”

At the end of Season 4, Sheriff Romero was arrested for perjury before he could blow the whistle on Norman’s innocent act. The police believe that he was a caring son and that he was “trying to help Norma” even though it led to her untimely death. Alex doesn’t buy the innocent act and will stop at nothing until Norman is arrested and behind bars for killing his mother. Dylan called Norman to check in with Norma and to apologize for the argument they had before he moved to Seattle. Norman lies to his brother and tells him that Norma “does want to talk to him.” The truth is, she couldn’t talk because she was dead. Norman never told him that their mother died. It will surely be a big part of Season 5. Bates Motel spoilers indicate that Alex will reach out to Dylan and give him that bad news which puts Norman in a very bad spot with his brother. How will Norman explain the reason why he didn’t tell Dylan that Norma died?

The fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Bates Motel to see the final 10 episodes and see how Norman’s story ends. We’ve all seen the Psycho movies, but the showrunners caution that nothing will prepare you for how Bates Motel will end.

Bates Motel is scheduled to return to A&E in March of 2017. Bates Motel fans, how do you think the series will end?

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