Lindsay Lohan: Drunk On Talk Show? Actress Repents With Syrian Refugees

Philip Trapp

Was Lindsay Lohan drunk and out of control in Russia earlier this month? Is the Mean Girls star at it again?

Prior to this week's face-saving photo op of Lindsay Lohan with Syrian refugees in Turkey, the Herbie: Fully Loaded actress reportedly went on a major bender surrounding her appearance on the Russian talk show Let Them Talk. According to recent accounts, 30-year-old Lohan has been accused of drunkenly bombing her segment on the program; Lindsay allegedly became drunk prior to filming her spot for the syndicated show in Russia.

As covered at Radar Online, the latest Lindsay Lohan drunk debacle had the Chapter 27 ingenue drunk on Russian vodka directly before she was scheduled to film her chat with Let Them Talk host Andrey Malakhov. Radar quotes a source as claiming the show's crew waited "almost the whole day" for Lindsay to appear. Lohan was apparently in "bad shape" and under "the strong influence of alcohol" when she finally arrived, according to the source.

Frivolette magazine backed up Radar's drunk Lindsay assertion, reporting that Lohan was holed up in her Ritz-Carlton Hotel suite in Russia for several hours before her late arrival to Let Them Talk in a "state of strong alcoholic intoxication." Apparently, Lindsay's drunk delay in Russia caused the talk show's "numerous assistants, make-up artist and [host]" to beg and plead for Lohan to leave her hotel room and come onto set.

Whether Lindsay Lohan was drunk or not, she apparently completed her filming for the talk show and Lohan's segment did eventually air on Russian television, according to the aforementioned publications and many news outlets in Russia. Lindsay's Let Them Talk appearance was specifically geared as a "tell-all" spot regarding her past relationship with the Russian businessmen and supposed heir to a multi-million dollar fortune, Egor Tarabasov.

After all of Lohan's reportedly drunk ballyhoo in Russia, the Freaky Friday leading lady is apparently on damage control this week. As reported by Page Six, Lindsay arrived in Turkey this week and staged a touching photo shoot on Tuesday of her meeting with Syrian refugees. The heart-warming display appears to be just the positive press Lindsay Lohan needs after the latest tales of her drunk and disorderly debauchery in Russia.

Lohan, a former child star renowned for her early-aughts roles in films such as Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and A Prairie Home Companion, is no stranger to negative press regarding her alleged drunk shenanigans. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lindsay and her younger sister, Ali Lohan, were thrown out of a bar in New York City earlier this year for a "drunken racist rant."

Was Lindsay Lohan drunk on her latest trip to Russia? What do you think of Lindsay's alleged talk show fiasco and her recent meeting with the Syrian refugees? Are you expecting Lohan and Egor Tarabasov to get back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.