‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: What Did Paul And Victor Tell James About Natalie, Their Showmance, And Her Flirtations With Other Houseguests?

Cia Young

Big Brother 18 live feeds have been, to say the least, less than exciting since only five people are left in the game and lines have been drawn in the sand regarding alliances and loyalties. This, however, did not stop James Huling from having a very enlightening conversation with Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo about his recently evicted showmance partner, Natalie Negrotti, and some of her actions in the house prior to her being ousted.

Live feed chatter indicates that Victor is the true target this week, so he may be heading out the Big Brother 18 front door eviction night to head to the elusive mansion where the rest of the jury members now reside.

Paul told James that Natalie "straight up" said he was to blame for her nominations and that she regretted listening to "people in this game," Joker's Updates reports.

According to #BB18 Feed Updates, at one point Paul told James that Natalie was only concerned about winning viewer votes to become America's Favorite Player (AFP), so she only "pretended" to be a "perfect, good, nice person."

#BB18 Feed Updates reports Paul noted he basically "ripped" Natalie apart in his goodbye message to her, but what was aired by CBS regarding his message did not seem too intense and simply referenced her throwing James under the bus, which Natalie then attempted to explain to host Julie Chen.

[Image via CBS]