Jim Carrey’s Russian Doppelganger Has The Internet Talking, Details Released On Carrey’s New Project ‘I’m Dying Up Here’

Jim Carrey is impressed with his Russian doppelganger, according to Metro. The 54-year-old comedic actor now has his own look-alike, who appears to be from Russia.

Social media has been talking about Jim Carrey’s doppelganger for a week now, and the Dumb and Dumber actor appears to be impressed by the striking resemblance of his Russian look-alike.

Russian Jim Caяяey from pics

In fact, Jim Carrey’s doppelganger looks so much like the actor that commenters on social media don’t know what to believe anymore. Some think that it’s actually the actor himself who was photographed in Russia, while others suggest that a Russian man had plastic surgery to look like the Hollywood superstar.

Or perhaps the Russian man was simply blessed by nature with Jim Carrey-like looks. In the picture, which was originally posted on Reddit, a man who sports Carrey’s flat-haired look from Dumb and Dumber was photographed on the streets of Russia.

But the reason the photo caught fire on social media wasn’t just the Russian man’s hairstyle, but also the fact that he had near-perfectly identical facial features to Jim Carrey.

Other commenters took it to the extreme and said it was part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conspiracy plan to replicate Hollywood stars in order to take over the world. The photo of the Jim Carrey’s doppelganger comes just several months after photos of a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike emerged in the media earlier this year.

In other news, Jim Carrey has played a huge role in putting together the upcoming Showtime’s dark comedy series called I’m Dying Up Here, according to Slash Film. Showtime recently debuted a first look at the comedy series during their Television Critics Association event.

The footage of the Jim Carrey-produced series shows standup comics from the 70s telling jokes to difficult audiences and complaining about it to one another while having late night snacks.

During the show’s TCA panel, Showtime Networks, Inc.’s CEO David Nevins revealed that executive producer Jim Carrey was very much involved in developing the upcoming dark comedy series. Carrey, who was a regular standup comedian at The Comedy Store in the 80s, has done a great job at instructing the actors to portray the 70s comics.

“RJ Cyler who you saw or Ari Graynor, Jim Carrey spent a lot of time at comedy clubs with those actors getting them comfortable doing standup, getting them better and better and better at it.”

Jim Carrey-produced I’m Dying Up Here was picked up by Showtime earlier this year and it shows The Comedy Story and The Laugh Factory, which are often referred to as “birthplace of modern comedy” in the 70s.

Showtime has yet to unveil the release date for Jim Carrey’s upcoming comedy, but there are a couple of details about the series. First of all, it’s based on William Knoedelseder’s non-fiction book of the same name.

But Nevins has previously indicated that the upcoming comedy will be fictional. Nevins also revealed that it was Jim Carrey and Michael Aguilar who offered the TV network the chance to adapt I’m Dying Up Here into a TV show.

Nevins also shared that, even though the Jim Carrey-produced project will be a comedy series, it will still have a dramatic tone attached to it. The Showtime CEO assured that the entire team has been learning about the 70s comedic scene.

Moviegoers will like the upcoming comedy TV series not only because it was produced by Jim Carrey, but also because it focuses on the what is often called the “sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll era,” the era when standup comedians got their success and set a new comedic standard.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]