Iran Threatens Attack On US Bases

General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, a senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, warns that Iran will attack US bases in the Middle East in the event of a war with Israel.

In case one might wonder why Iran would attack the United States in the event of and Iran-Israel war, the answer is pretty simple. Iran believes Israel would not attack them without support, or at least permission, from the US.

“For this reason, we will enter a confrontation with both parties and will definitely be at war with American bases should a war break out,” Hajizadeh said, according to the New York Post.” “There will be no neutral country in the region,” Hajizadeh said. “To us, these bases are equal to US soil.”

Iran doesn’t believe Israel would act unilaterally, and the threats are a reminder to the US and other nations of what is at stake should Iran and Israel go to war.

Matt Gurney, a columnist for the National Post, notes that Iran is playing its hand in the situation while knowing it cannot defeat the United States..

“It knows it cannot defeat the U.S. in a conventional war,” Gurney writes, “but it knows that the U.S. doesn’t want to fight one.”

He goes on to suggest that neither President Barack Obama, if reelected, or Governor Mitt Romney, if made president, seem likely to want a war with Iran and notes some similarities between the situation with the US, Israel and Iran that between Russia, Cuba and the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

(Iran) doesn’t want a war with the U.S., either,” Gurney writes. “But it knows that the US has already decided that war is off the table. Computer viruses, sanctions, assassinations, sure. But not war. Iran’s playing on that, to box in Israel. It’s a clever move.”

If Iran did choose to attack US bases in the region, numerous American interests are in range of Iranian missiles.