‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Release Date: Which Cast Members Are Returning From Season 4?

As one of Netflix’s first original series, House of Cards has seen a phenomenal amount of success for the streaming service. Netflix has already confirmed that the political thriller starring Kevin Spacey as President Frank Underwood will return for a fifth season next year, but when will it release and what cast members will return after the show’s fourth season? With concerns that key cast members, including Spacey himself, could drop out of the show, what does the future hold for House of Cards?

According to Movie News Guide, the producers of House of Cards have confirmed that Season 5 will be wildly different to previous seasons of the hit show. At the end of the show’s fourth season, Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, appeared to be on a par with her husband Francis, played by Kevin Spacey. However, there’s now speculation that as Frank’s vice president, his wife Claire could kill the character and ultimately take the presidency for herself, which would be a seismic shift for the show.


The rumoured storyline may sound a little far-fetched, especially considering Spacey’s character is the show’s main protagonist. However, House of Cards has proven that absolutely anything is possible in the show that is regularly branded as a modern-day Game of Thrones, with ruthless killing and back stabbing.

So when will viewers of House of Cards find out exactly what happens next for the show’s characters? For each of its four prior seasons, Netflix has released House of Cards as an entire season in April. However, according to FX News Call, that could all change with Season 5 of the political thriller. Alongside speculation that production issues will delay the series’ release, Netflix is said to be considering a more network-like approach to House of Cards Season 5, releasing new episodes on a weekly basis.


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It looks safe to assume that every major character from House of Cards Season 4 will return for the show’s fourth season. However, which of those characters will remain after the upcoming season remains to be seen, especially considering the show’s ability to ruthlessly dispose of just about any character.

Whilst production for Season 5 of House of Cards is already well underway, the show’s longevity beyond that remains uncertain. Fans of House of Cards will already be more than aware that Beau Willimon is stepping down as the series showrunner ahead of Season 5, which could spell major changes for the series. Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese have already been confirmed to be replacing Willimon. However, if they’re unable to keep up the same standard of quality, the longevity of the series could be in doubt.


That’s not helped by the fact that, since the initial release of House of Cards‘ first season, Netflix has developed a roster of incredibly popular original series. With that in mind, Netflix could choose to drop House of Cards in the near future in order to focus on new series including Stranger Things. With that in mind, the show’s fifth season and the popularity of that season could be the most important yet, with Netflix already likely considering how far they see the show going.

House of Cards Season 5 is expected to return in 2017, during Netflix’s usual April slot for the show. Kevin Spacey will play ruthless President Frank Underwood, with Robin Wright playing his wife and vice presidential nominee Claire Underwood.

[Image via Netflix]