January 3, 2018
Diane Kyne, Kevin Kyne: 'Dateline NBC' Murder Mystery Of Seminole, Florida, Wife Found Dead In Bedroom By Husband, William 'Bill' Kyne

Diane Kyne, a Seminole, Florida, woman who was found dead in her home six years ago, is the subject of the next Dateline NBC. In a repeat episode titled, "True Lies," detectives discuss the case of a wife and mother who was strangled to death in her own home and the twisted investigation that pointed the finger at the victim's son and husband. On this episode of Dateline, the murder case will be discussed by Pinellas County law enforcement officials, husband Bill Kyne, and the victim's son Kevin Kyne. According to Dateline's Facebook page, they will return on August 26.


Two Calls, Two Suspects

Police responded to two frantic 911 calls in August 2010. When police arrived at 8918 134th Street North in Seminole, they found the body of a woman lying face up in her bed. The victim was identified as 49-year-old Diane Pamela Morton Kyne. The room was in disarray and drops of blood were found on the victim's body. An autopsy reported later concluded that she had died of strangulation.

William Kyne told investigators that he had come into the bedroom to check on Diane Kyne and found his stepson, Kevin Kyne, on top of her, according to Tampa Bay Times.

"William Kyne testified that the day his wife was killed he and Kevin were preparing to watch NASCAR. Kevin went into his mother's bedroom, and when William later went to check on her, he saw Kevin on top of her and 'it appeared that he (Kevin) was choking her because her head had turned reddish-purple.'"
Kevin Kyne, who had left the scene, later denied William Kyne's version of events, stating that he had come into his mother's bedroom after William Kyne insisted that his mother wanted to speak with him. When Kevin stepped inside, he was allegedly chocked from behind by his stepfather.
The Investigation: Bill Kyne's First Wife Also Died TragicallyPolice had the incredible task of trying to sort out two stories with two people pointing the finger at the other. To solve the case, Pinellas County detectives took a look at the family's history, which suggested that there were many domestic arguments and altercations in the home.

Some say that William Kyne, aka Bill Kyne, wanted his stepson, Kevin, out of the house so that he could live alone with Diane. In fact, records show that there had been an attempt to evict Kevin Kyne from his parents' home. Kevin was still living under his mother's roof and had no job at the time of the murder. Plus, Kevin Kyne had a criminal record, which included domestic battery.

As for Bill Kyne, investigators found that his first wife, 44-year-old Krista Kyne, had drowned at the same house in 2000. In that case, police found a woman clothed in her pajamas floating in the pool in the middle of the night, according to TBN Weekly.

William Kyne stated that he last saw his wife at around 2 a.m. The autopsy did not find any evidence of foul play and deduced that she must have had some sort of freak accident that left her unconscious in the pool.

From Krista Kyne's death, Bill Kyne received insurance money and had also collected insurance money from two fires: one that occurred at his auto body shop and the other at a private property.

According to investigators, all evidence pointed to Kevin Kyne as the killer. He was eventually arrested and charged with his mother's murder, and a jury found him guilty in 2012. A few years later, his conviction was overturned and a new trial was granted.

At Kevin Kyne's 2015 trial, a new jury found him not guilty. Today, he is a free man and is focused on becoming the man that his mother always wanted him to be. Kevin Kyne's supporters have always believed in his innocence, especially his real father and his grandmother.
Diane Kyne married William Kyne in 2002 when Kevin was a small child. Those who remember Diane say that she was a loving mother who was devoted to her son. Her obituary found at Dignity Memorial describes her in this manner.
"Diane Pamela, of Seminole, FL., was born July 18, 1961 in Richmond, VA and moved to Madeira Beach, FL in 1962. Diane was an incredible lady. She was beautiful inside and out. She always had a smile for everyone she met. She was a terrific mother. She loved animals and children. Diane helped so many people and was always there when anyone needed her."
It's a tale of mystery and murder. Don't miss the latest Dateline NBC, which airs on Fridays at 10/9 p.m. Central. In previous Dateline episodes, the cases of Gary Tyrrell and Holly McFeeture were aired.

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