‘Celebrity Big Brother 18’ News: Aubrey O’Day Given Warning After Spitting In Food Of Fellow Houseguest

On Wednesday’s episode of the United Kingdom’s Celebrity Big Brother 18, pranks and high jinks were taken a bit too far with American singer Aubrey O’Day’s behavior deemed inappropriate by production, according to The Huffington Post.

The day began with a task in which houseguests were informed the year was 2026 and robot servants were commonplace. For this task, the cast members were divided into two teams with one group acting as artificial intelligence, whose sole task was to serve the other group deemed their human masters.

The team that succeeded in completing their duties the best would receive what Celebrity Big Brother 18 called a “luxury” shopping budget, while the losing team would only be allowed to eat basic food rations for the week.

Aubrey was designated an “artificial” and assigned to U.K. reality star, Stephen Bear, affectionately nicknamed “Bear” by the other cast mates.

At one point during the day, as Bear sat smoking a cigarette in the lounge area outside the Celebrity Big Brother house, he summoned Aubrey to him. When present, he asked her, “Babe… can I have a jam sandwich and a cup of tea?” Aubrey said, “Sure,” in a less-than-enthusiastic tone and headed off to the kitchen. Bear offered, “Thanks, darling.”

Celebrity Big Brother 18 viewers were not initially shown Aubrey making Bear’s food, but in another segment of the show, the unappetizing incident involving her spitting in his food was on full display, Celebs Now reports.

At around 8:02 p.m. Celebrity Big Brother house time, Aubrey was called to the Diary Room regarding her behavior. Big Brother could be heard telling her the following.

“Aubrey, before you entered the Big Brother house, the rules regarding unacceptable language and behavior were explained to you. At 3:33 p.m. this afternoon, you spat in a drink and some food that had been prepared by you for Bear.”

At that point in the episode, a flashback was shown in which Aubrey could be seen spitting in the jam sandwich she had made for Bear, as well as his drink. The incident was witnessed by several other Celebrity Big Brother 18 houseguests, who seemed appalled by her actions, but said nothing.

Aubrey was once again shown in the Diary Room, as Big Brother continued to scold her.

“Big Brother thinks your actions in this instance were wholly unacceptable. You knowingly passed your bodily fluids to a fellow housemate without their knowledge.”

In response, Aubrey noted, “We were just joking around,” and then apologized for her actions. Big Brother then told her due to the incident, she was being given a formal and “final warning,” noting that if she behaved in a similar manner again, she would be yanked from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Big Brother privately informed Bear of the incident and according to the show’s narrator, he was given “appropriate medical advice.”

Later, in the Diary Room, Bear spoke to Big Brother about the matter and called what Aubrey did “no big deal,” but he definitely won’t forget about it. Bear added, “I’ll probably put her up for nomination every single… week until she’s out, cause that’s the craftiest…” He also said, “I’ve had worse in my mouth. Let’s put it that way.”

Aubrey eventually approached Bear and apologized profusely over the cringe-worthy incident. She claimed she is not a prankster, and due to her naivete, believed what she did was a funny prank. Aubrey also expressed she was worried that Bear was going to prank her in some awful way, which he denied he would do.

Bear appeared to forgive Aubrey, but following their heart-to-heart, he was seen confronting other houseguests, including Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, about what they knew about Aubrey’s “prank” and seemed genuinely offended by what took place.

It appears from show previews, the task will continue and be featured in Thursday’s Celebrity Big Brother 18 episode.

[Image via Channel 5]