Lexus Updates Top Products, Adds New Options To Its Offerings, While Dealers Test Non Negotiable Pricing

While Lexus has been busy adding regular updates to the cars in its current product line, their goal has also been to add new models to compete with their German rivals. One new feature is that dealers will test non-negotiable pricing with customers.

Automotive News reported that Lexus will be moving to the Toyota New Global Architecture platform in the future. Two of the Lexus models, the RC and LC 500, will get a sportier look as well. The CT, a Lexus hybrid, was completely updated in 2014 and will be moving to the new global platform. It will receive feature updates for 2016 and probably won't see any more changes until 2018 while still holding its place in the market.

With changes in consumer tastes, Lexus may not nurture the hybrid technology of the CT and may instead opt for a crossover vehicle instead under a different name. The IS received a major refresh while the ES model only received a light refresh. For the IS, this meant adding Lexus's latest safety features and interior improvements. The ES kept its V-6, and a full redesign isn't expected before 2019.

Edmunds reported that Lexus dealers are offering Lexus Plus, and a second wave is in the works. The no haggle pricing will allow customers to get their vehicles faster, and the sales transactions will be more transparent to the customer. Matt Kaleba, Lexus national manager for Lexus future retailing and incentives said dealers were seeing outstanding results from the release of the Lexus Plus to dealers.

"We are seeing good sales results and some outstanding customer satisfaction results, all the things that we were hoping to see."
The new program for the no haggle pricing allows the sales associate to give the customer the best price offered by the dealer. Customers won't have to haggle over the price or the value of any trade in. Eight Lexus dealerships are currently operating the program with more dealers wanting to join.

Boston reported that Lexus added off-road capabilities to the GX. Lexus is often associated with luxury, elegance, and performance, and so the release of the off-road capabilities for the GX may come as a surprise. Lexus has labeled their versions of the SUV, the GX and LX as luxury utility vehicles (LUVs). The GX comes with a 4.6 liter (L) V-8 engine, 301 horsepower (HP) and 329 lbs. per foot torque. Included in the package is a trailer sway control that works in conjunction with the vehicle stability control to help handle heavy loads.

The Omaha World Herald reported that customers will no longer have the option of haggling over a Lexus in Omaha. Lexus of Omaha President Mickey Anderson said that the program is built around a lower margin while providing for higher volume. Customers receive pricing up front with no haggling.

Lexus of Omaha and Lexus of Lincoln, part of the Baxter Group, are two of the dealerships that are participating in the test program in the U. S. Lexus, the luxury division of Japanese auto maker Toyota, is testing the program at 11 of the 236 U. S. dealerships.

Currently, Lexus plans to release the program to a second wave of dealerships to adopt the pricing program. The program contains two components with one salesperson leading the customer through the sales process, and no haggle on both pricing and trade in, saving customers hours or even days in the sales process.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]