Cat Runs For Mayor Of Halifax

Politicians can be really annoying. They live in their ivory towers and have no idea of how the world really works. But I’m not too sure that I’d replace them with an entirely different species. I’d like the choice though. And so would the good people of Halifax, and, guess what? They’ve got it.

Tuxedo Stan is the nominated candidate of the Tuxedo Party, and he hopes to raise awareness about the huge number of stray cats that have started to populate the region. Good luck getting on your soapbox and telling everyone, Stan.

His motto reads “A chicken in every pot and a litter box in every house.” Plus Tuxedo has also vowed to “improve the welfare of felines in the Halifax Municipal Region because neglect isn’t working.’ “ Strong words from the whiskered politician.

It seems like it’s working, though, with thousands of fans already registering their support for him, and he is the subject of a mass poster campaign across Halifax. His Facebook page also informs us, “I feel very fortunate to live in Captopia. I’ve never know hunger, cold or abuse. I sleep in a warm, cosy bed every night. I get to play in a safe fenced yard every day. Unfortunately, there are cats all over the world who aren’t so lucky.”

Unfortunately, it is against municipal law for an animal to hold office unlike in Alaska where Stubbs the cat has run the small town of Talkeetna for 15 years, but Stan’s words will surely leave a mark on the people of Canada. Let’s hope there isn’t a Lee Harvey Oswald feline out there.