Randy Quaid Dubs Hillary Clinton The ‘Dragon Lady’ And Endorses Donald Trump

The reclusive Randy Quaid has emerged in a now viral video in an effort to share his thoughts on the 2016 presidential race. Quaid referred to Hillary Clinton as the “dragon lady” and also raged at Bernie Sanders for caving into pressure to endorse the career politician.

Randy Quaid is now a Donald Trump supporter. In the latest video posted by his wife, Evi Quaid, he is shown yelling, “Hashtag, yell! H**l no Bernie, we won’t vote for Email-ary. H**l no Bernie, we won’t vote for Email-ary.”

Several days before the Benie Sanders video was posted online, Quaid made the Hillary Clinton “dragon lady” video, and it was posted. In the short video, Quaid sings, “Bye bye Bernie, the dragon lady’s got you now. So long Bernie, I like Trump better anyhow,” Yahoo Finance notes.

Randy Quaid is the older brother of famed actor, Dennis Quaid. The elder Quaid is best known for his roles in Independence Day and National Lampoon’s Vacation. He won a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of President Lyndon B. Johnson in a television movie during the late 1980s. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in The Last Detail in 1973.

Randy Quaid recently posted a photo of himself standing in front of Trump Tower with a huge grin on his face to show his support for the Republican presidential candidate, the Daily Mail reports.

Evi Quaid wrote a long letter she posted to Twitter to detail exactly why she and Randy Quaid are upset with Bernie Sanders.

According to the wife of the award-winning actor, Quaid believes Hillary Clinton is “not fit to be president.” They, like many of the former First Lady’s detractors, maintains she is nothing more than a “bought and paid for candidate.”

“I consider Trump every American’s lottery ticket to becoming rich again,” Evi Quaid said in the note posted to social media.

When stating why they think highly of Donald Trump, Evi Quaid shared some personal information about her own background. The Vermont native was born to a socialist father who worked as a school teacher. She said she left the state to “seek out luxury.” The letter also indicates she was following in the footsteps of her immigrant grandfather who came to America with nothing in his pockets, but he ultimately made millions of dollars while working in New Jersey.

She met Randy Quaid after leaving the home of her socialist father. Evi added that she knew “anything was possible” after meeting the love of her life. Randy and Evi were married six weeks after he divorced his first wife, Ella Marie Jolly, in 1989. He has a 33-year-old daughter, Amanda Quaid, from his first marriage.

“I supported Bernie but I also know now that he is out. I want a president for America who dreams big, who dreams huge, and then makes it happen, not a stale bureaucrat like HRC who keeps you waiting with lie after lie putting herself between you and your dreams,” Mrs. Quaid added.

Evi Quaid also said when Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States, Americans will be able to take care of their families without the need of taxpayer-funded aid from the government.

“You will be an American capitalist, employed and living the Dream,” Mrs. Quaid added.

Randy Quaid and his wife fled to Canada in 2010 after a series of legal troubles. The couple was arrested for vandalizing and burglarizing a residential property in California they claimed they still owned. They had allegedly caused thousands of dollars in damage.

The couple returned to Vermont last October and were taken into custody by border control agents. After being released a short time later, a judge refused to extradite the couple to California to face charges because the charging documents were dated before the couple was due in court for a hearing on the matter.

Randy Quaid said he hopes to return to acting, but he has no projects in the works at the moment. If he leaves Vermont, the Santa Barbara district attorney said the couple would likely be arrested again and extradited back to California to face the burglary and vandalism charges.

What do you think of the Randy Quaid videos and the actor’s decision to dub Hillary Clinton as the “dragon lady?”

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