Sandra Bland Jail Log: Former Waller County Jailer Admits False Data, Then Guess What Happens

Guilty conscience? Sandra Bland’s death helped push the Black Lives Matter movement forward. Now, it seems that Bland’s jail log wasn’t as Waller County recorded.

Sandra Bland’s death was ruled a suicide. However, a former Waller County jailer has come forth with a testimony that might re-ignite Sandra’s case.

If you remember reading or hearing about Sandra Bland’s death at Waller County Jail, you probably recall certain testimonies stating that Bland hanged herself approximately an hour before her release.

According to Sandra’s jail log, Waller County jailers had checked on her prior to the death and had confirmed that she was in the cell and alive.

Well, Houston Chronicle holds a different account from an ex-Waller County employee, Rafael Zuniga.

The source mentions that the former guard gave his testimony to Sandra Bland’s mother’s attorney, stating that he falsified data on Sandra Bland‘s jail log.

Zuniga mentions that he was told to fill out the log ahead of scheduled checks, says Dallas Morning News.

According to the report, he didn’t check on Sandra Bland within that last hour. Actually, no one had checked on her, as mentions the source.

However, here’s the kicker.

The Dallas Morning News reports the following statement regarding Sandra Bland’s case.

“… prosecutors were aware of the falsified records, but a Waller County grand jury decided not to indict anyone with the sheriff’s office.”

Sounds like recent times, right?

As an immediate dismissal of such testimony, Waller County’s attorney, Larry Simmons, mentions as follows.

“Numerous depositions have been taken in the case involving dozens of hours of testimony. It is a gross miscarriage of justice and a misrepresentation for any party to cherry-pick or mischaracterize a small portion of that testimony, and take it out of context.”

However, when Dallas Morning News attempted to contact Simmons, he offered no response.

All in all, we’ve seen multiple police-involved “murders,” all resulting in no indictment, with paid administrative leave, etc.

The recent case against Latino-American North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Aledda is one of few to force accountability for negligent or excessive force actions.

Another near-case was Chinese-American police officer Peter Liang. You can read about his indictment from NBC. It seems that he’s gotten off without going to prison as well.

Yet, what about the White American police officers who appear to be doing the bulk of these unarmed, fatal shootings? Where are their indictments?

Even in the recent case of Alton Sterling’s murder, there’s a chance that his killer may not be indicted, in almost the same manner as George Zimmerman after killing Trayvon Martin on audio.

The Inquisitr covers Alton Sterling’s killer, Blane Salamoni, in another report.

Nevertheless, Sandra Bland was an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Even from Bland’s YouTube videos, you could hear her speak quite passionately about black lives and the particular injustices the Black community experiences from the United States judicial system — as well as from racism.


In her videos, Sandra Bland mentions a few times that she had become depressed with state of the world. However, just as Waller County’s attorney mentioned taking something out of context, the media took that topic out of context and ran with it.

The world is, indeed, in a depressing state of affairs right now — especially the United States, at least for the Black community.

Sandra Bland wasn’t saying that she was clinically depressed, but reporters already knew that, right?

Sandra Bland was “depressed” at the thought of such an injustice justice system.

And, in case you were unaware, the FBI has previously stated — as a public warning — that there currently are heavy infiltrations of Ku Klux Klan members within the justice department.

According to the Grio, this has been going on for decades, and it’s not just local law enforcement.

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding the new Sandra Bland case testimony from the former Waller County jail guard?

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[Photo by Pat Sullivan/Eric Gay/AP Images]