‘Days Of Our Lives’: Hope And Rafe The Next Soap Opera Supercouple? [Spoilers]

Warning: Days Of Our Lives spoilers and theories are ahead.

Every soap opera has its supercouple, and Days Of Our Lives is no exception. Over the years, Bo and Hope were the iconic duo. However, after Peter Reckell left a few years ago, the writers had to something with Kristian Alfonso’s character. After Bo came back, only to be brutally killed by an inoperable tumor, Hope married Aiden, who tried to kill her. Now there is Rafe Hernandez, who is a nice guy, but do Rafe and Hope have any chemistry at all? Will they be the next DOOL supercouple, or will fans not like the idea of these two as a pair?

As loyal Days Of Our Lives fans know, Hope was just starting a relationship with Rafe when Aiden Jennings (Daniel Cosgrove) came back to Salem. He turned out not to be dead like everyone thought. Despite her reservations, Hope tried to reconnect with Aiden, but blood tests results revealed he was the man who tried to kill her on their wedding night. Aiden continues to proclaim his innocence, but he is having a hard time getting anyone to believe him.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, last week on Days Of Our Lives, Rafe went to check out the old DiMera property outside of Salem. As She Knows wrote, Galen Gering’s character ended up being struck over the head and chained to the wall. Nearby, a bomb was ticking down, getting ready to explode.

This week, Hope came to rescue Rafe just in time, but both are injured in the DiMera tunnels. Throughout this ordeal, Rafe has discovered just how much he loves Hope. Fans know what this means. The writers are going to try to bring Hope and Rafe back together, but is it really a good idea?

Some viewers love Hope and Rafe together, even believing they can be the next Days Of Our Lives supercouple. Although they are kind of cute together, there does seem to be some natural chemistry missing from the relationship. As all fans know, a lack of chemistry on the set can be seen and felt by viewers watching television. Characters either have a connection or they don’t. With Hope and Rafe, they seem more suited to being football and brewsky buddies than romantic partners.

It’s interesting how the writers will give one character many loves and completely destroy another one. So far, Hope has been with a few different men. However, Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) always seems to get her heart broken. Now there is Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry), who obviously doesn’t put Nicole ahead of his revenge agenda. Yet, the two will end up getting back together because Nicole can’t pass up an opportunity for romance. She just wants to be loved, and writers love to break her heart.

As for Hope and Rafe, what is their storyline this week on Days Of Our Lives? According to Soap Opera Digest, the two will make it out of the DiMera tunnels alive. It isn’t known if Rafe will save them or if someone else will hear Rafe calling for help. However, that doesn’t mean they are safe and sound just yet. Hope ends up in a medical crisis and her life is in danger. Fans know that Kristian Alfonso is sticking around Days Of Our Lives, so she won’t die. However, could the near-death experience cause her to rethink her relationships like the nightmare and hallucinations did for Rafe Hernandez?

Do you think Hope and Rafe will be the next soap opera supercouple? Or do you think the two have no real chemistry? What are your predictions for Hope Brady’s romantic future on Days Of Our Lives?

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