Scott Baio Spoke In Favor Of Donald Trump At The RNC, But Who Is Scott Baio?

The news is full of headlines regarding Scott Baio’s speech at the Republican National Convention this week. Highly in favor of Donald Trump for president, Baio gave an impassioned speech explaining why he has jumped on the Trump Train. According to Variety, Scott Baio is concerned that Americans have lost the knowledge of what freedom really means.

“America is an easy place to get to. But — for you first time voters — it’s important to know what it means to be an American. It doesn’t mean getting free stuff. It means sacrificing, winning, losing, failing, succeeding.”

He makes an excellent point, but do first time voters, the very target of this portion of his speech, have any idea who Scott Baio is? Granted, anyone over the age of 40 is familiar with Scott’s work on Happy Days as the iconic Fonz’s nephew, and his subsequent role in the spin-off to that series, Joanie Loves Chachi, which was short lived, running from 1982-1983. The younger generation, however, may not have any experience with these classic shows, or with Scott Baio.

Scott Baio Chachi

Scott Baio transitioned from Happy Days in 1984 to Charles in Charge (1984-1990), a sitcom in which he starred with friend Willie Ames. Since then, he’s enjoyed a long and successful career as actor and director.

These days, Scott Baio has settled down to family life with wife, Renee Baio, and their daughter, Bailey. The family operates the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, which works to bring awareness to the need for newborn comprehensive testing for every baby. Scott and Renee penned a personal letter which they shared on the Bailey Baio page.

“Within days of her birth, Bailey tested ‘positive’ for a metabolic disorder known as ‘G-A 1’. For the first ten weeks of her life, we lived a nightmare founded in overwhelming love that we felt for this gorgeous little Angel who had graced our life, combined with a level of fear, grief, and pain that we had never before experienced in our lives.”

“As it turned out, our prayer for a miracle was answered as Bailey’s final round of tests came back showing that the first tests had been ‘false positives’. Our little Angel was healthy, we were beyond lucky and more than grateful for the prospect of a healthy future together as a family.”

“As we went through our journey that very long 10 weeks, we discovered that other people are not so blessed. When Bailey was given the all-clear after our initial feelings of joy, we realized clearly that we must not forget those whose miracles were not granted – and that we were obligated by our blessings to try to help others whose lives are being deeply affected by this family of illnesses.”

Apparently, now Scott Baio is diving into the world of politics, throwing all his support behind Donald Trump. The Los Angeles Times reports some of the reasons why Baio has joined the Trump Train. In his own words, Scott Baio describes Trump as a “straight shooter” and someone who speaks plain English, saying what he means, instead of blowing hot air and political mumbo jumbo that regular citizens can’t understand. Watch the speech below.

Scott Baio has come under fire not only for supporting Trump but also for his dislike, which he makes very well known, of Hilary Clinton. What do you think of Scott Baio’s rise into politics?

[Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Images]