WWE News: Recent Update On Backstage Plans For Dana Brooke’s Future

WWE has made things easy for Dana Brooke since she joined the main roster back in May. Her run in NXT wasn’t as fruitful as many within the WWE Universe would have liked it to be. Brooke did make an impression on NXT programming, but injuries and limited time in the ring didn’t make her the first choice to transition from NXT to WWE television and the main roster.

When she first debuted, she was to continue her partnership with NXT and WWE veteran Emma. Unfortunately, a severe back injury completely derailed Emma’s return to WWE television, but the decision was made to keep Dana Brooke on Raw and SmackDown. They could have easily sent her back down to NXT to develop, but she was partnered with Charlotte instead.

There have been some reports that many WWE officials are very high on Dana Brooke, including Vince McMahon, who is interested in making her “the female Roman Reigns.” Although WWE has booked Brooke quite strongly since debuting on WWE television, she is still seen by WWE officials as “green,” which means her skills in the ring aren’t finely tuned just yet.

Dana Brooke Shows the WWE Universe Who the Womens Champion Is
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WWE officials believed that working with Charlotte would elevate her game in the ring. Thus far, she has gained clean victories over Becky Lynch and Paige in singles matches. The last we heard, everyone behind the scenes in WWE is doing their best to turn Dana Brooke into a big star for the women’s division.

According to a new report from Daily Wrestling News, there are still some WWE officials that remain high on Dana Brooke and believe in her potential to be a major star for WWE, including Triple H. Past reports claimed that a feud between Brooke and the WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte would develop on WWE programming over the coming months.

Because of tonight’s WWE Draft, the brand split, and a potential match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks at Summerslam next month, plans for a feud between Brooke and Charlotte are still up in the air. However, it is extremely likely that Brooke and Charlotte will both be drafted to the same brand. It isn’t confirmed if they will be drafted to Raw or SmackDown, but their partnership is expected to continue, which means their feud is still penciled in for the near future.

Dana Brooke Makes Her Way to the Ring Before a Match
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If Brooke and Charlotte remain together after the WWE Draft, there are many ways for a feud to develop between the two of them. For instance, Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks is the rumored WWE Women’s Championship match at Summerslam. If Dana were to get involved in the match and accidently cause Charlotte to lose her title, the rage of Charlotte could lead her to target Brooke as her next rival.

Another idea could be for Dana Brooke to continue winning matches and show that Charlotte’s teachings are developing her into a WWE superstar who could be even better than her mentor one day. Charlotte would most likely attempt to prove that fact to be folly and try to reassert her dominance over Brooke. That angle would lead to a feud and allow Dana to become a natural face to the WWE Universe as the foil against Charlotte.

Whatever plans WWE has penciled in for Dana Brooke’s future, there is no doubt that she will need to prove her value in the ring like everyone else. If WWE officials feel she is “too green” to be a top star in the women’s division, she will most likely be involved with more experienced WWE performers as a heater until she is ready.

[Image via WWE.com]