Donald Trump As Marvel Comics Supervillain MODAAK

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may very well be a real-life super-villain to so many Americans, and people all over the world, right now. However, in a pretty humorous turn of events during this hectic election, it appears that Mr. Trump has gotten the actual comic book super-villain treatment at Marvel.

The Telegraph reports that Marvel Comics has created the super-villain MODAAK (Mental Organism Designed as America's King) in Donald Trump's likeness. In other words, the folks over at Marvel basically turned Donald Trump into a comic book villain and weren't too coy about it.

Captain America regularly faced off against the villain known as MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), which this appears to be a riff on. But this new Donald Trump MODAAK appeared in Spider-Gwen Annual #1, created by Jason Latour, Jim Campbell, and Chris Visions. This is an alternate world in the Marvel Comics universe, where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Gwen then decides to dawn her own very cool version of the Spider-Man costume and vows to fight crime.

In this alternate reality, Captain America is a Black woman, Samantha T. Wilson. This version of Cap ends up facing off against MODAAK and it actually feels rather fitting, given the context and symbolism of both characters. For those who have been patiently awaiting the opportunity to see Captain America fight Donald Trump, they finally got their wish -- or the closest thing to it.

Jason Latour jumped on Twitter at the beginning of this month to quickly defend his decision to work on this book, and defend his stance against presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.
"I don't care if you think Modok Trump is on the nose. Screw his nose. I've been called a bigot online twice tonight. For saying I don't like Trump. Welcome to the election cycle. Headline: 'Do you think Donald Trump is inciting violence with his supporters?'. You are the NEWS. It is a FACT he is. Report it as such."
The Donald Trump Twitter and MODAAK actually share some similarities as far as the statements being made. In the comic, Modok Trump says things like "If America will not act … M.O.D.A.A.K. must!" and ignorantly refers to a man from Waco, Texas as "foreign filth."
Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Entertainment, donated $1 million to Trump's veterans fundraiser back in January. It was announced, by Perlmutter's representatives, that Perlmutter was indeed supporting Donald Trump. This seemed to cause a lot of fear and worry among comic book fans at the time.

"A lot of readers were concerned that this was a sort of Chick-fil-A scenario," writer G. Willow Wilson told the Daily Beast. "In this particular case, since Perlmutter was publicly linked to Marvel [by Trump]… it sort of raised a lot of fears in the minds of readers about it being very difficult to disentangle the connection between art, politics, and money."

Well it looks as if the comics have gone in a completely different direction, with several of their titles dealing with social issues, racism, bigotry, and handling them from a fairly liberal-minded point of view. These kinds of things are completely condemned, with Nick Spencer, who is currently writing Sam Wilson as Captain America, admitting to supporting the anti-Trump themes and ideas that are present in the Marvel continuity at the moment.

Even in the first issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America, the Red Skull gives a speech that is very anti-immigration and "refugees." It's easy to assume that this is a clear and direct reference to Donald Trump's rhetoric.

What do you think of MODAAK Donald Trump?

[Image via Marvel Comics]