iPhone 7 May Start $100 Cheaper

Apple’s iPhone 7 has not been announced yet, but a mixture of rumors, leaks, and speculation continue to swirl. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal and additional speculation by Forbes indicate that the barrier to entry for the iPhone may be getting cheaper this fall.

The rumor is that Apple is doing away with the 16 GB model, which has long been Apple’s entry-level version, in favor of the 32 GB model. Additionally, Apple will reportedly add a 256 GB version, meaning users will be able to choose from a 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB phone.

With phone cameras recording video in higher resolutions than ever before, a 16 GB iPhone 7 phone simply would not be enough space for most users. So while the “cheaper” version of the iPhone is going away, the report is that the price levels will not change, meaning people will still be able to get the 32 GB phone at the entry-level price of $649 (not counting any discounts from a wireless company’s subsidized contract or Apple’s own monthly payment plan). The iPhone 7 Plus version, which typically comes with a larger screen and maybe slightly faster internals, would start at $749.

The iPhone 7 may not be an incremental jump from the iPhone 6s, as Apple may opt to save all their big upgrades for next year's 10th anniversary. [Photo By Julie Jacobson/AP Images]

Other reports about the iPhone 7 have swirled for months, but one of the strongest, and most controversial, rumors is that Apple is doing away with the headphone jack. This means users would be required to use a Bluetooth headset or Lightning-connected headphones to listen to music, podcasts or movies. Bluetooth headsets haven’t really caught on, but a quick search on Amazon.com displays countless results. It’s also likely Apple will introduce its own Bluetooth earbuds that come with the phone, or potentially even sell an adapter for users who want to use their existing headphones.

Other rumors involving Apple don’t mention the iPhone 7, but rather, next year’s model, which would mark the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone’s existence. In fact, many of the rumors for that phone indicate that the changes or upgrades for the iPhone 7 will be quite incremental compared to what Apple has planned for next year. While there is no confirmation regarding either phone, the sheer volume of sources saying the iPhone 7 will pale in comparison to what’s coming next year is staggering.

Typically, iPhones receive a major refresh every two years, with the off-year being a smaller upgrade (the “s” system – 4s, 5s, 6s). But from a leaked photo of the iPhone 7 that looks quite similar to the iPhone 6, to a reliable Apple analyst saying that the iPhone’s next big remodel won’t come this year, it seems like Apple fans will have to wait one more year for the big iPhone refresh.

If Apple's iPhone 7 is merely an incremental upgrade over the iPhone 6s, how will it stack up against Samsung's Galaxy S7? [Photo By Kiichiro Sato/AP Images]

In a year that saw Samsung’s Galaxy S7, which is by many accounts a stellar phone and perhaps even the best smartphone on the market, Apple’s approach of holding off on any major upgrades until next year’s 10th anniversary could be put to the test. If iPhone fans were expecting to purchase the iPhone 7 and get all the bells and whistles expected from a new Apple release, will the new model be enticing enough for them to make the upgrade, wait until next year, or simply jump ship to Samsung?

While there is no official confirmation on any of the rumors or speculations, or even a set date to reveal Apple’s new phone, the company usually holds an annual event in the fall to reveal the new iPhone.

[Photo By Mark Lennihan/AP Images]