‘One Piece Film: Gold’ To Feature Naruto And Luffy Crossover?

What’s the best way to hit blockbuster? Stick One Piece and Naruto in one film and you will get twice the love only one of them will be able to pull off.

One Piece and Naruto are two of the most phenomenal and famous manga and anime, not only in Japan but in the whole world. Naruto has had its share of love, producing over 72 volumes of manga and 10 movies before it finally came to an end. One Piece continues to be one of the longest standing manga to date, already at 82 volumes and 13 titled movies.

One Piece Film: Gold is One Piece’s 13th movie, set to release in Japan this July 23, 2016. It is one of the most anticipated anime movies of the year, produced by original One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda. One Piece Film: Gold is said to be one of the most exciting and surprising One Piece movies to be made. It is set to release in 743 theaters in Japan alone, created to overtake the record set by Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, which was 653 theaters in 2015.

One Piece Film Gold poster (via One Piece Productions)
One Piece Film Gold poster (via Oda Eiichiro/One Piece Productions)

Ecumenical News reports that the plot of One Piece Film: Gold will revolve around the hedonistic Gran Tesoro ship.

“The movie will be focused on the massive ship of Gran Tesoro where the most notorious pirates, highest marine officials, and the world’s wealthiest converge in this hedonistic floating fortress that is beyond the grasp of the World Government. The ship’s owner, Gildo Tesoro, is considered to be untouchable, and due to his extreme wealth, he can make almost anyone switch sides and fight for him. Having said these, Gildo’s thirst for power is unquenchable that’s why he has plans of his own that could put their world in peril. However, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates will be there to thwart him from doing that.”

So what sort of One Piece and Naruto crossover will we be seeing in One Piece Film: Gold? One Piece is teaming up with Myojo Foods Co., Ltd. to promote the movie by releasing two new flavors of charumera noodles.

The “One Piece Noodles” will come in BBQ Soy Sauce and Pepper Seafood flavors. The noodles will be available in a packaging that features the Straw Hat Pirates wearing their One Piece Film: Gold costumes.

One Piece Noodles (via Oda EiichiroOne Piece Productions)
One Piece Noodles (via Oda Eiichiro/One Piece Productions)

Well if we’re talking noodles, there’s only one anime that comes to mind: Naruto, of course! Rumors are circulating that character Naruto could appear in a cameo to advertise the said One Piece Noodles but no official announcement has been made.

If you’re outside of Japan, though, and you’re excited for One Piece Film: Gold, Gulf News reports that One Piece Film: Gold will actually premiere one week earlier in Abu Dhabi.

One Piece Film: Gold will hold its world premiere at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi on July 15, ahead of the global release on the 23rd. The price for the tickets, however, will be quite exorbitant, selling at Dh399 (roughly $100 USD) for General Admission and Dh999 (roughly $271 USD) for a Gold Ticket. General Admission comes with a complimentary drink, popcorn, and limited-edition memorabilia while getting the Gold Ticket gives you a chance to join a press conference with select voice actors.

Will we finally see Naruto and Luffy in one crazy and action-packed film? We have to wait for One Piece Film: Gold on July 23 to find out.

[Feature image via Oda Eiichiro/One Piece Productions]