‘Suits’ Season 6: Mike In Prison Will Mean Rachel’s Character Expanded

While many fans will worry about Mike in Suits Season 6, there is a good thing about him being thrown in prison. It allows the writers to have a chance to explore Rachel’s character more. She will be able to stand out on her own, rather than acting to serve Mike.

Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike, has said that Suits Season 6 will definitely see Rachel stepping out on her own. She will no longer make decisions to help keep Mike’s secret or to make sure he gets the best outcome for himself. She will finally be able to make decisions that serve just herself. It is time for this, as TV needs more strong female characters.

There will be some elements connected to Mike. She will likely be angry that he chose to make a plea bargain rather than wait for the jury. She is angry that he did what was right for him and his conscience rather than what was right for her and their life together.

One of the storylines for Suits Season 6 will be about Rachel at school. Design & Trend has confirmed that Malcolm Gets has already been cast as Professor Dunbar. He will be Rachel’s professor at Columbia Law, helping her learn and grow as an attorney. There will be chances for her to step out of her shell and become the lawyer she knows she can be, both in and out of the classroom.

The outcome of the Suits Season 5 finale will definitely cause a character change for her. She had relied on her marriage to Mike and that never happened. Now she has to find herself as a woman who didn’t get married on her wedding day and her fiancé is in prison for fraud. Mike called the wedding off believing that it was the right thing to do for Rachel, and she is the one that has to deal with that in the outside world. At least he is stuck behind bars, where very few people will be able to question him about it.

There are various rumors about what will happen to Rachel’s character in Season 6. There isn’t going to be a time-jump to start, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one later on. One theory is that Rachel will find out she is pregnant and after the initial few episodes of Mike being in prison, a time jump will happen to allow Mike out to meet the child he didn’t know he had — Rachel would choose to keep the pregnancy and birth a secret from him.

Adams has said that his character will be in prison for the entire season. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a time jump. He will be there for a long time, according to executive producer Michael Korsh. It is possible that the season will go through a series of time jumps with Mike in prison to show the different stages of being there and speed up the processes involved with trying to get him out and the dealings with people on the outside. There is also a possibility that the time jump will take place at the end of the season, if Suits Season 6 is not the last.

For now, the only confirmation is that the premiere will take place directly after the Season 5 finale. Mike will go into prison and those on the outside will have to deal with the ramifications. Mike being in prison does allow for other characters to be developed, especially Rachel, who now has to act without her fiance’s best interests at heart.

Suits Season 6 premieres on July 13.

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