Kris, Former SM Entertainment K-Pop Idol Of EXO, Signs Under Jackie Chan's Talent Agency

A little more than two years ago, Wu Yifan -- known professionally as Kris -- made headlines in the K-pop community when he filed a lawsuit against the talent agency he was signed to at the time, SM Entertainment. According to its details, Kris wanted to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment claiming they treated him as an object rather than an artist, having his schedules being set up without his opinions on the matter and without his health being taken into consideration. The huge detail about Kris' lawsuit is that he was one of the more popular members of EXO.

Since then, both Kris and SM Entertainment would lawfully duke it out, slapping lawsuits against each other. Within that tough time though, Kris found support among Chinese talent agencies as well as former SM Entertainment artists who also had issues with the talent agency, such as Jessica Jung. At one time, Kris even created his own label in his own name known as the Kris Wu Studio.

Jessica Jung
Jessica Jung, a former SM Entertainment K-pop idol who used to be a part of Girls' Generation, often supports Kris Wu with his professional endeavors. [AP Photo/Wally Santana]From what was revealed in a report by Chinese news outlet Sina, through Korean news outlet TV Report, Jackie Chan -- the international Chinese star known for his movies in both his native homeland of China (Drunken Master, Police Story Series) and in the United States (Around The World In 80 Days, Rush Hour Trilogy) -- revealed that he signed Kris to his entertainment agency at an action movie event at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Chan also made known he has a plan to "sign on more next-generation actors for the future" too.

Of course, media reporters had to grill Jackie Chan on signing Kris, especially with the latter's accusations from alleged girlfriends that he had sexual relations with them, as reported by Soompi. Apparently, Chan is understanding of the situation as he provided the following statement pertaining to Kris' recent sex scandal.

"Everyone has negative news about them. Even I have negative news about me. That kind of news always blows over."
When Jackie Chan says he has negative news about himself, he was not kidding. One major piece of negative news has to do with his estranged daughter, Etta Ng. Back in the late 80s to early 90s, he had an extramarital relationship with a former Miss Asia winner, Elaine Ng. As a result of said relationship, they both have a daughter, Etta Ng, who to this day, is very apathetic towards Chan. Etta has said she has no feelings for her father (Chan) because he was never in her life. Also, Etta states that she does not recognize Chan as her dad, though she recognizes him as being her biological father.

Jackie Chan
According to Jackie Chan, Kris Wu has signed a contract to work with his talent agency. [AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying]The ink on Kris' new contract with Jackie Chan's agency is still wet, so we have no news on what they'll be working on together first. However, Chan did sign an actor who is best described as a "diamond in the rough." Kris has starred in several Chinese box office hits including Somewhere Only We Know and Mr. Six.

Finally, Kris is still in a heated battle with SM Entertainment, accompanied by fellow ex-EXO members, Luhan and Z.Tao (formerly known as Tao in EXO). Just recently, they attended an additional arbitration meeting.

[Photo by Ryan Emberley/Invision/AP]