Justin Bieber Attacked With False Gossip Stories That Also Insult Your Intelligence

Another day, another fake Justin Bieber gossip story hits the rumor mill. The latest? Apparently, when Justin Bieber isn’t falling down holes onstage and meeting terminally ill children from Make-A-Wish before most of his Purpose Tour shows — he is supposedly cackling like a cartoon villain and “sabotaging” his ex Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour by making her “cry right before she takes the stage.”

Not at all surprisingly, this new rumor is totally fake. Supermarket fave, Life & Style, is shilling the claim that Bieber is “upset” with the “way” his relationship with Gomez ended and is taking “revenge” by supposedly “playing” with her emotions.

Insert gullibility alert. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez haven’t dated for two years. Their on-off relationship ended back in September 2014. Both superstars are single and have been photographed on numerous dates with other people since then. In short, they both appear to have moved on.

Need more? The rumor-debunking website Gossip Cop reports that insiders connected to both Gomez and Bieber confirmed there is absolutely “no truth” to the “sabotaging” rumor. On top of that, images upon images of a clearly happy Selena popping up online after every Revival tour stop suggests nobody is making her “cry” before she goes on stage.

Here is a selection of pictures of Gomez at her Revival concerts.

Life & Style’s story claimed a “source” allegedly told the tabloid, “He [Bieber] likes to call Selena and make her cry right before she takes the stage.” The magazine also alleged Bieber recently shook Gomez’s confidence by telling her that a particular set piece in her concert was “wack.”

The imaginary “source” also claimed, “Justin knows exactly how to get under Selena’s skin. The tour has just begun and she’s already had a few breakdowns,” adding that Gomez’s pals want her to simply “cut Justin out of her life,” but she’s allegedly “so concerned with Justin’s approval… It’s going to ruin her tour.”

And so on. Unless you’re a 12-year-old, lobotomized, or possibly both, the familiar mechanics of a fabricated story will be apparent. First, the ludicrous premise. In this case, that Bieber is frothing over a long-dead romance, to the extent that he would try to “sabotage” his former girlfriend’s tour. Second, throwing the word “source” into a story instead of providing credible proof of a claim. This “source” device is fraudulently used by multiple gossip media outlets on a daily basis. The transparent aim behind many false Justin Bieber stories is to maintain and perpetuate a negative narrative on the singer.

To reiterate, the ever-reliable Gossip Cop reports there is “no truth” to the melodramatic “sabotaging” rumor. And, it isn’t the only false Justin Bieber story currently doing the rounds.

Last week, Heat magazine claimed Bieber is dating Rita Ora. Once again, the “sources” device was employed in the report. It was claimed, “They’ve been on some dates and they are hooking up,” and alleged that Rita hopes to help her career by having a relationship with the Biebs. The story sparked from nothing more than the pair hanging out in a group of pals at the recent re-opening of the Warwick nightclub in Hollywood.

As it turns out, there is nothing intimate happening between Bieber and Ora. Gossip Cop reports a source close to Bieber confirmed that “he is single” and Heat’s dating claim is pure fiction.

Observant readers may have noticed more and more celebs and public figures are publicly calling out publications and/or suing over bogus, inaccurate, or exaggerated stories. A long list of British celebs and public figures testified in the U.K.’s Leveson Inquiry in 2011-12 over media abuses. In 2014, actor George Clooney blasted the Daily Mail in an open letter after the tabloid reported a fabricated claim about Clooney’s then to be wife, Amal, and her family. Also in 2014, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel received a formal apology from Heat maagazine when the couple settled a lawsuit they brought against the publication over a fake “cheating” story.

Last week, Bieber blasted the infamous gossip blog Hollywood Life for what he called “Untruthful” and “hurtful” stories. He asked fans to spam Twitter with the hashtags #HollywoodLifeIsGarbage and #ShutDownHollywoodLife to shut down the site. While that didn’t happen, Bieber’s call to action did publicize the site’s long-standing history of fraud, and shone a light on the wider epidemic of fabrication in gossip media.

Why is that important? If the people who are supposed to tell you the truth in celebrity journalism are not doing that, they are knowingly fooling you. For profit.

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