What Really Set Thomas Ravenel Off At His Dinner Party On 'Southern Charm?'

Spoiler Alert: If You haven't watched the latest episode of Southern Charm, proceed with caution.

The Thomas Ravenel dinner party was going so well. Everyone was civil, and they made it to the dinner table, but then something turned really dark on Southern Charm, as Thomas Ravenel snapped, using Franglais and pointing fingers. It's hard to know if Thomas Ravenel had an agenda, or if he was on something, but whoa! Before the main course was even served, the crazy was laid out on the plate. Just watching K. Cooper Ray's face was enough to know that the silverware was not going to be used for the fish course. But what would cause someone to invite all of their friends to dinner just to insult them one by one? Perhaps only Thomas Ravenel knows for sure.

According to the Inquisitr, everyone on the cast of Southern Charm pointed fingers at Kathryn Dennis for being volatile and a loose canon, but they should have looked past Kathryn and straight on to Thomas who seemed a bit nuts on the trip to Asheville when drunk, and certainly seemed unpredictable at the dinner party for his "friends" in his new home. Thomas Ravenel's best friend JD called him reactionary, but it looked a bit more like bipolar or perhaps schizophrenic.

Thomas Ravenel called all of his guests to the table and seemed to be poised to make a toast and then Thomas took a swift turn to giving a roast, but not the funny kind. He gave Kathryn, the mother of his children, a compliment and then went for Cameran, then Craig, then Landon, and straight at Shep, according to Bravo, which also shared a video of unseen attack footage on Shep and Landon, who Thomas calls catty. Thomas then yells at Shep.
"If you climb on my back, you're going to crawl off bleeding!"
K. Cooper Ray seems to calm Thomas in the video, and Ravenel is actually seen laughing, but Southern Charm viewers then see Thomas chasing Landon's golf cart down the road into traffic just after Craig's girlfriend jumps on board. There has to be a weight limit on golf carts, right?
People Magazine is reporting that Shep Rose says that he fled Thomas Ravenel's house on Southern Charm because things went sideways "real quick." Perhaps it's not a real party on Southern Charm until somebody flees your house on a golf cart? But even Shep Rose seemed puzzled when the dinner crumbled before anything was put on their plates.
"We hadn't even gotten our salad and Thomas stands up to make these toasts and, man, things got sideways real quick. He kind of went around the room and instead of being sort of playful and poking fun, things kind of got out of control and he got personal and a little bit more mean than he should have."
And things did get personal when Thomas called himself a "self-made man" and asked Shep what kind of allowance he gets from his mommy. Ouch! Why did Thomas get so personal?
Shep thinks that Thomas Ravenel was trying to replicate the speech he gave at a dinner the first season which was funny and a bit cutting, but instead, missed his mark.
"I stuck up for my friends and I thought he was in the wrong, so he turned on me and got on my case. You can say anything to me, nothing bothers me. I don't take things personally, but I mean I'm sure not going to back down."
The end result was that Thomas Ravenel looked unhinged while Shep Rose looked like a gentleman. Craig's poor girlfriend Naomie look petrified as she was trying to escape from casa Ravenel while Thomas was frothing at his gate.
With a bit of time to think about it, Shep as usual has a sense of humor, even after being verbally attacked by Thomas Ravenel, who literally chased him out onto the street.

"I mean he didn't punch me. That would have sucked. So as long as they're just words I think everyone can be okay."

But Shep has one big regret -- that he didn't get to eat dinner that night at Thomas Ravenel's house because he imagined that there was a really nice filet mignon waiting in the kitchen.

Could you understand why Thomas Ravenel snapped at the dinner party on Southern Charm?

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