‘RHOD’ Cary Deuber Reveals LeeAnne Locken Apologized For Spreading Marriage Rumors

A preview for The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 1 reunion show shows Cary Deuber, joined by Mark Deuber, tearfully deny LeeAnne Locken’s gossip that they had an affair. LeeAnne defends herself by saying that Cary talked badly about her, too. Now that it’s been almost three weeks since the reunion show filmed, are Cary and LeeAnne still enemies? Not quite. In an interview with Bravo’s the Daily Dish, posted on Monday, Cary revealed that LeeAnne actually recently apologized for gossiping about her.

When asked about where things currently stand between her and LeeAnne, Cary said that LeeAnne extended an olive branch.

“I mean, I don’t know cause like I don’t talk to her. And the other day she said something to me on Twitter again. It’s just so weird. She apologized to me and said she was ‘sorry’ for starting rumors, I guess, and talking behind my back, which is what she’s done — not just on the show but in Dallas.”

According to Cary, LeeAnne was talking badly about her not just to their co-stars while filming the show but also around Dallas to everyone.

“The whole season all I’ve heard back from friends and people who barely even know me — like at yoga class, will come up to me and be like, ‘I ran into this girl and she’s just bad mouthing you and saying all kinds of crazy stuff’… I mean it made me sick to my stomach. I was just so stressed out and sick about the whole thing ’cause I don’t like having that negative energy around me.”

Cary may just have a one-on-one meeting with LeeAnne soon.

“So, I don’t know, she apologized and we’ll just have to see where it goes from here. I think I need to probably have a face-to-face with her alone kind of a thing.”

A preview clip shows that on The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 1 finale episode, airing tonight, Cary Deuber intervenes when she sees Marie Reyes still being accused by LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra of leaking the story that LeeAnne once pooped in a car. Cary says that she needs a one-on-one with LeeAnne. After the other ladies leave, LeeAnne says that Cary takes everything she says so personal. Cary, who believes that LeeAnne has been telling people that she’s a “homewrecker,” says that she wants LeeAnne to be honest with her. LeeAnne accuses Cary of leading a mob, which includes Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman, against her. Cary in turn accuses LeeAnne of playing the victim “with her story” when she’s really the bully.

Upon hearing Cary accuse her of using “her story” for sympathy, LeeAnne blows up. “My story is not a story! It’s something I’ve lived through! Don’t demean it,” she yells. LeeAnne then tells Cary that there’s nothing about her that she likes. As LeeAnne walks away, Cary tells her that she’s “full of s**t.”

A sneak peek of the reunion show, which airs next Sunday, shows Cary outright deny the affair allegations. When host Andy Cohen asks Cary and Mark if they had an affair, Cary tearfully says no. When Andy asks Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman if they heard LeeAnne gossiping about Cary’s marriage, Brandi says that when she got to LeeAnne’s friend Heidi Dillon’s party, prior to Cary’s arrival, she could hear Cary’s name being mentioned. When Brandi asks LeeAnne why she didn’t go straight to Cary when she heard Heidi say that Cary stole her husband, LeeAnne says that Cary didn’t like her even before they started filming the show. Cary replied that if LeeAnne heard from others that she doesn’t like her, then she’s misinformed. LeeAnne retorts that Cary is misinformed about her as well. LeeAnne then accuses Cary of spreading rumors about why she does charity.

At that point, Mark speaks up to defend his wife. He denies that Cary spread rumors about LeeAnne. He then lashes out at LeeAnne for going around saying, on camera, that Cary “stole” him. “Why do you say it?” he yells. “Oh my god are you all right honey?” LeeAnne asks sarcastically.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after filming The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 1 reunion show, Cary Deuber thanked her husband for being there for her. LeeAnne Locken also traveled to the reunion show filming, which took place in New York City, with her partner Rich Emberlin. It’s not clear whether Rich, like Mark, also took part in the reunion show and got involved in the women’s drama.

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