Kevin James Loibl Photo: 27-Year-Old Killer Named — ‘The End’ Twitter Tweet Deleted From Christina Grimmie’s Account

Kevin James Loibl is the name of the man who killed 22-year-old Christina Grimmie. That’s what is being reported by the Orlando Police via their Twitter account, as seen below. The photo of Loibl shows Kevin with a seemingly slight smile on his face in the photo. With a date of birth of March 10, 1989, Loibl was 27 years of age when he traveled to Orlando to shoot and kill Grimmie, report authorities in Florida.

Beyond being 27, Loibl hails from St. Petersburg, Florida, the Orlando Police also report. Although several accounts on Facebook show up after a search for Kevin Loibl, none of those accounts appear initially to belong to a 27-year-old Loibl from St. Petersburg. A search for the full name of Loibl on Facebook as of this writing results in no readily findable Facebook accounts with that name.

“We couldn’t find anything for Kevin James Loibl.”

Although various “people finder” websites list a photo from Facebook as belonging to Loibl, it appears to be the incorrect man. The search for the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts belonging to Loibl is important to try and uncover a motive in the tragedy.

According to WGN, police are searching Loibl’s computer, phone, and other items that belonged to Kevin in order to try and determine why he would take Grimmie’s life.

The photo that was released by the Orlando Police does not have a date, so it is unknown how old the photo of Kevin is or when it was taken. However, on Saturday, June 11, police released the photo of Loibl to put a face and name to the person who committed the horrible crime.

Christina, a popular YouTube star and a singer who found fame via The Voice, was shot and killed after Loibl entered the venue where Grimmie was signing autographs.

The only Twitter accounts with Loibl’s name either represent a new account set up under Kevin’s name with the above photo that the Orlando Police released or an account from 2014, which contains NSFW photos.

As reported by Heavy, the Twitter account belonging to Grimmie had tweeted a simple, “The end.” While the publication shows a screenshot of that tweet on Grimmie’s official Twitter page from Saturday, June 11, the tweet has since been deleted. Instead, a pinned tweet at the top of Christina’s Twitter account leads to her GoFundMe page.

As reported by ABC 7 News, Grimmie was from New Jersey and lost her life to Loibl before he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. The concert was being held in Orlando, Florida, when the violence broke out. Cops are reporting that Loibl’s main mission was to travel to Orlando just to harm Christina.

Grimmie likely did not know her attacker and Loibl did not know Christina personally, reported Orlando Police Chief John Mina. The attack happened on the evening of Friday, June 10. By Saturday, June 11, Grimmie had sadly died as a result of her injuries from Kevin. Chief Mina described how Grimmie was doing what many musical celebrities do after their performances — signing autographs for fans and promoting her wares — when Loibl came up to her and began shooting.

“She was doing a meet-and-greet, just signing autographs and selling merchandise. This white male approached her and opened fire, striking her. We believe he came here to commit this crime.”

The tragedy happened at the Plaza Live Orlando, a venue that does not allow their customers and attendees to carry concealed weapons, according to the Plaza Live Orlando’s website. Those who do enter the venue are searched for weapons by hand, since the venue does not have metal detectors. There were no pat-down searches for Loibl or other patrons prior to Kevin entering and killing Christina — a fact that will likely change in the wake of this tragedy.

[Photo by Orlando Police via AP]