June 9, 2016
'Stop The Wedding': Hallmark -- Hollywood Actor To Marry Naive Widow In TV Movie Based On Book, Starring Rachel Boston, Alan Thicke

Stop The Wedding is an entertaining new Hallmark movie that is going to premiere this Saturday night. Based on the book by Stephanie Bond, Stop The Wedding is directed by Anne Wheeler, and the teleplay is written by Nina Wyman. Hallmark's Stop The Wedding is about hotshot attorney Anna Colton, who tries desperately to stop her favorite but naive aunt from marrying a handsome celebrity stud with at least three marriages under his belt. The amazing cast includes Rachel Boston as Anna, Niall Matter as Clay, Lini Evans as Belle, Alan Thicke as Sean Castleberry, Teryl Rothery as Suzie, David Lewis as Jake, Brenda Crichlow as Renee, and Mayumi Yoshida as Emily.


Stop The Wedding Movie Plot

Anna Colton is a driven and powerful attorney working out of her San Francisco office. Though, her professional career is fast-paced, and she has no time for romance, Anna still loves her family and always keeps in touch with them. However, when her charming Aunt Belle announces that she is getting married, naturally, as an attorney, Anna is concerned. But, when she finds out that the groom is none other than Sean Castleberry, the Hollywood movie actor who has been married several times in the past, she throws all her ethics out of the window and is willing to do anything to stop the wedding!


Aunt Belle is a gorgeous older woman whose charm is enough to attract any handsome man. However, Anna knows that her widowed aunt is a bit naive and believes that Aunt Belle is making a huge decision in haste. To talk some sense into her, Anna packs her bags and heads to Seattle. When she arrives, she meets Sean Castleberry's son, Clay, a handsome doctor who is not at all happy about his father's decision to marry again. Though they don't seem to like each other at first, Clay and Anna soon realize that they both have the same objective, which is to put a halt to the upcoming nuptials. As they begin plotting out just how they will do it, Clay and Anna are drawn to each other, realizing that they have more in common than they had imagined.


Sure to attract Hallmark's regular viewers, this weekend's romantic comedy movie will also bring in fans of Stephanie Bond, especially readers who are familiar with the book, Stop The Wedding, which is described as lighthearted and sweet.

About Author Stephanie Bond, According To Amazon

"Stephanie Bond was seven years deep into a corporate career in computer programming and pursuing an MBA at night when an instructor remarked she had a flair for writing and suggested she submit material to academic journals. After writing in her spare time for two years, she sold her first manuscript, a romantic comedy, to Harlequin Books. To-date, Stephanie has more than sixty published novels to her name."
People try to break up weddings all the time. [Image via Fancybrideness/Facebook]So You Wanna Stop A Wedding? Some Reasons Why You Would Want To Crash The Big Day
  1. The bride or groom does not have the mental capacity to make the decision.
  2. You hate the bride or groom's family.
  3. The bride or groom is already married to someone else.
  4. You find out that the bride or groom is actually a serial killer.
  5. You've tried to convince the couple how their marriage will ruin your life, but it didn't work.

Stop The Wedding: Hallmark Movie Cast


Actress Rachel Boston

  • "Boston began her career in television on NBC's award- winning series 'American Dreams,' playing Beth Mason, the strong-willed girlfriend to J.J. Pryor (Will Estes). Boston starred alongside Julia Ormond and Jenna Dewan-Tatum in the Lifetime series 'Witches of East End.' Some of her guest-starring appearances include 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'ER,' and 'NCIS.' "
Actor Niall Matter
  • "Niall Matter, originally from small town Alberta, Canada, started out working on oil rigs before pursuing a career in film. He got his first break when he signed on as Trent Hamilton for the hit Canadian TV series 'The Best Years.' He is best known for his series regular role, Zane, on 'Eureka' (NBC/UNI/SYFY) and as the lead on 'Primeval: New World' (SPACE/SYFY)."
Hallmark's charming flick, Stop The Wedding, is produced by Stop Sign and Front Street Pictures. Executive producers on the film are listed as Lisa Demberg, Jack Grossbart, Allen Lewis, Jon Maas, Michael Shepard, Juliet Smith, and Marnie Young. Viewers will also hear the soundtrack, "Love Life," by Peter Allen and Steve Hilliam. Hallmark Channel is debuting five movies for "June Weddings." Last week, they premiered Ms. Matched.
[Image via Hallmark Channel]