Roni Rose: Stripper Talks Stephen Curry Gaze On Instagram As Ayesha Curry’s Instagram Gets Comments

Roni Rose is getting plenty of attention for the look that Roni gave Steph Curry during a recent basketball game. As seen in the below photo from her “GetIt_Rose” Instagram account, Roni seems to be staring directly at Curry with her mouth open and a drink in her hand. As reported by the Inquisitr, Steph’s wife, Ayesha Curry, has been known to swoop in and plant a protective kiss on her husband’s shoulder when Ayesha may have sensed another woman getting too close to her man.

Ayesha, meanwhile, is getting plenty of comments on her Instagram page about the Rose madness.

On Instagram, Roni posted in the description of the photo that Rose was just minding her own business and sipping on her drink when she potentially got a look from Curry. From the vantage point of the above photo, it is hard to tell where Curry’s gaze falls. On Instagram, Ayesha is getting comments that tell her not to worry, claiming that the video of Roni shows that Stephen did not look in Rose’s direction. Other wild rumors across the web claim everything from side-chick status to nothing at all, as wild online scuttlebutt tends to go.

Rose blamed her seductive look towards Steph as providing motivation for the Golden State Warriors. Roni added a “laughing out loud” to her Instagram description, along with hashtags showing her allegiance to the basketball team.

As expected, such a moment went viral, with folks on either side of the debate alternately giving Roni praise for her sexy looks, or calling her a vixen for giving a married man such a seductive look.

As reported by Heavy, Roni hails from Modesto, California. On Rose’s Facebook page, Rose is listed as a married woman. Roni recently changed her Facebook profile photo to that of a cute little girl. The publication reports that Rose has enjoyed a stripping career and has worked as an MMA ring girl for shows like Conquer Fighting Championships.

Rose, meanwhile, is reposting Instagram posts from fans making fun of her gaze at Curry with a drink in hand.

Roni answered a plethora of questions about stripping, as reported by Rose wrote about her heritage, with a black dad and a white mom. Roni also wrote about how it took time to build up her confidence. Rose told her readers that she began as a go-go dancer and was told she could make more money if she took her top off. Roni wrote she discovered that fact was true.

Rose wrote about her husband in parts and was asked about working for Larry Flynt’s Hustler clubs.

Meanwhile, the comments about the Curry situation keep rolling into social media. On Facebook, one post about Roni’s look towards Curry went viral, along with a caption asking for prayer. On Instagram, Ayesha is receiving comforting comments from fans telling her not to worry about her marriage.

“Please pray for ‪#‎StephCurry‬, the devil is busy. cc: ‪#‎AyeshaCurry‬.”

“I don’t even know what’s going on with this stupid a** Roni Rose s***. But I just want you to know that you’re absolutely amazing compared to her. You’re a beautiful woman who actually shows that she has respect for herself. That’s always 10x better than some Instagram Thot. And people sound stupid because honestly I don’t even see why Stephen would even WANT to cheat with her. You’re way more beautiful and he gets you to himself. The whole world knows what that girl looks like under he clothes. That’s nasty.”

“[Roni had] only 70k followers now she has more than 120k, and next week she will start selling that fake tea and start getting paid while we calling her names…it’s amazing how social media works.”

[Photo by AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez]