‘The 100’ Season 4: Will Jaha Get Back The Power He Once Had? Isaiah Washington Shares His Thoughts [Spoilers]

The 100 Season 4 will have a new threat, and this time, it isn’t a person or one of the clans. When The CW airs new episodes of the post-apocalyptic series, the threat will be a nuclear disaster. Even though the Sky Crew survived the artificial intelligence threat last season, not everyone is forgiven. Jaha will have a lot of people angry with him for helping Alie. Recently, actor Isaiah Washington discussed his thoughts on Season 4 and what he hopes will happen with Jaha.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 4 of The 100 are below.

As fans recall from Season 3 of The 100, Alie (Erica Cerra) convinced Jaha that the City of Light was a wonderful place. Promising no pain and a life free from physical or emotional “defects,” the AI successfully recruited Jaha. Completely blinded by the City of Light, Jaha convinced others to join the “Alie Team.” Over time, this resulted in many injuries and deaths, not to mention emotional trauma.


Due to Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) helping Clarke (Eliza Taylor) in the City of Light, most of the core characters survived the Season 3 finale. However, not all is forgiven, especially with Jaha. According to Vine Report, that doesn’t mean that he won’t get back some of his followers, though. Viewers shouldn’t dismiss the character just yet.

“I don’t think you can discount anything with Jaha,” Isaiah Washington told Eric Goldman in a video interview, posted by IGN. “He’s very enigmatic, and he’s very charming.”

The actor added that in previous seasons of The 100, Jaha was dedicated to his people. Instead of wondering if Jaha will be redeemed, Washington believes fans should be asking what motivates Jaha.


“Was it the grief of his son? Or was it him? Or was it everything? I mean this a man who sent the Ark down, so his heart is in the right place,” Isaiah said during the video interview. “We just really have to figure out where his soul is.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, expect some changes to a few characters in The 100 Season 4. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) will be darker. In her own interview, the actress said fans will see her take some twisted turns and make “interesting” choices. She will probably be still dealing with Lincoln’s (Ricky Whittle) execution and Bellamy’s (Bob Morley) betrayal.

Also, Clarke and Abby (Paige Turco) might have some healing that will need to take place. Abby was forced to take Alie’s chip, which resulted in her torturing her own daughter. Not only that, but Abby also hung herself and blamed Clarke. She was revived and feels tremendous guilt over what Alie forced her to do. Even though Clarke knows it was the chip, the mother and daughter will definitely have some issues to work out.

Regarding the nuclear crisis, viewers are divided on whether Alie was being honest. The question was asked in a Facebook group for fans of The 100. Some believe that Alie couldn’t lie because the AI is a computer program. Others think Alie would have done and said anything to complete her mission. If she was telling the truth, how will Clarke and the Sky Crew deal with this latest threat? They only have six months until the Earth is uninhabitable, and power plants were probably not covered in their training on the Ark.

What do you think is going to happen with Jaha in The 100 Season 4? Can he ever be trusted again? How will Clarke and the Sky Crew deal with the power plant crisis? Can the Earth avoid a nuclear disaster, or will they be forced to simply survive it?

The Season 4 premiere date has not been announced. However, it is speculated that The CW will air new episodes of The 100 in early 2017.

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