Brooklyn Decker Dishes On Photoshop And The ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue Cover

Brooklyn Decker says that she is so glad she moved on from modeling to acting, because the pressure situation was crazy. Recently, Decker sat down with Stephen Colbert to explain that, especially with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, what you see is pure fantasy when you factor in the amount of photoshopping that is going on. And Decker didn’t speak in generalities, she actually dissected the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that featured her own image on the cover.

There has been much attention for years to women in the entertainment industry, and how they are “supposed” to look, based on some ideal. According to the Inquisitr, people even get up in arms about pregnancy and weight loss amongst celebs like Chrissy Teigen, who lately is being attacked as if she robbed a bank. Photos of Teigen in shorts two weeks after daughter Luna Simone was born had people on social media saying that Teigen shouldn’t share those photos because it makes others feel bad. Then, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue must make them feel even worse. By the way, Teigen has been in that magazine too.

Decker sat down with Stephen Colbert to explain to him what you are not seeing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, as reported by Vanity Fair. Decker decided to “lift the veil” and explained to Stephen Colbert what kind of digital manipulation goes into making the ladies and the scene on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue look “perfect.” Decker was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue in 2010, and she gave Colbert a guided tour of the most fake parts of her cover.

Decker explains that it isn’t just the models who are touched up on the cover of Sports Illustrated ‘s swimsuit issue, even background structures are touched up, or invented.

“Here’s a little secret: this house was not there.”

To break up the view of the sea, Sports Illustrated put a gorgeous, castle-like home in the background of Decker’s shot.

But, of course, Decker admits that she got some touching up herself, especially when it comes to making her abs look just a bit more fabulous. Colbert wanted to know.

“How about this waist? Is that waist there?”

“See this ab? That’s like the magic of lighting right there. So thank you, Sports Illustrated. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors,” Decker says.

GQ says that Brooklyn Decker could have gone even further when it comes to sharing what really goes on behind the photo shoots on magazine covers. Decker explained that she is now focused on acting because acting is a process, where modeling is one day’s work. You are either trending or not, and if you are not, it harms your chance of getting more work.

Though Decker is a natural beauty, she claims that there are a few things a young model needs to learn early, and that is about the tools of the trade in the industry.

“Well, you become a model once you go through hair, makeup, and Photoshop. That’s true.”

But Sports Illustrated is throwing a flag on the play, claiming that though Brooklyn Decker’s memory is not flawless, she still is. Sports Illustrated insists that the house that Decker says was photoshopped in was there all along, and they have video of the shoot to prove it.

Brooklyn Decker took to Twitter to apologize to Sports Illustrated if they thought for a moment that she was being critical of the magazine, or the staff that made Decker look great on the 2010 cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

SI answered by saying it’s all good. They are all about celebrating beauty, and Brooklyn Decker will always qualify.

Was it really a shock for you to hear what Brooklyn Decker revealed about photo shoots and PhotoShop?

[Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images]