Are Americans Really Getting Ready To Move To Canada? How Realistic Is Political Asylum?

As the NeverTrump and NeverHillary campaigns continue to gain steam, thousands of Americans are considering leaving the country for political reasons, but this happens every four years so should we really take them seriously?

This year, as November approaches and progressives are forced to consider the prospect of a Trump presidency where the brash talking billionaire would have his hand on the red button, celebrities are vowing to head north in record numbers.

There are some difficulties with their plan, however, as Jordan Flood has illustrated with his colorful info graphic from SpareFoot.

Election Exoddus, Eh?

Via Presented by SpareFoot

As Flood notes in the info graphic, the last large migration of U.S. citizens to Canada took place during the Vietnam War when an estimated 23,000 Americans crossed the border into Canada. Since then, our neighbor to the North has instituted some immigration reforms that make moving across the border more difficult for American citizens.

Now, Americans who want to migrate North must prove they can benefit Canada in some way; either by possessing a valuable skill, starting a business, or by marrying a Canadian citizen.

That’s where Maple Match comes in. The new startup dating site promises to link aspiring Canadians with citizens in a love match so the former Americans can avoid the horror of a Trump presidency.

Texas entrepreneur, 25-year-old Joe Goldman, created the site to help Americans find their ideal Canadian match, but used Trump as a way to publicize his site and attract users, according to Yahoo! News.

“The Donald Trump campaign for president has provided us with an opportunity to make something positive. But ultimately Maple Match itself is not political. It’s about bringing Americans and Canadians together.”

A savvy marketer from Cape Breton Island in Canada may have kicked off the immigration frenzy when he took to the internet inviting Americans seeking political asylum to come live on his scenic isle.

Cape Breton Island in Canada is actively courting Americans fleeing a Donald Trump presidency and the island boasts the most affordable housing market in North America, the only living Celtic community on the continent, the first carbon neutral university, and some of the best sailing in the world. Breton is also home to five reserves of the Mi’kmaq Nation and features one of the best road trips anywhere.

Americans seeking refuge from the wrath of a billionaire real estate could also choose to migrate to Dominica in the Caribbean where citizenship can be obtained for the low price of $100,000. There’s also Cyprus where nationality can acquired for a mere three months stay and the bargain basement investment price of $2.8 million.

If none of those destinations sound quite right, then maybe its time to consider moving to Russia; the country is offering citizenship and free land to anyone willing to go live in the frozen Far East.

It may be a bit cold at -45 degrees, but at least the Russian government has promised to build infrastructure for pioneer communities of at least 20 to 30 settler families.

In a recent poll, 28 percent of Americans said they would consider leaving the country if Donald Trump became president and Google reported a huge upswing in the search term “moving to Canada” after Trump claimed the Republican nomination so would-be asylum seekers would likely be in good company.

What do you think? Will you be an American who flees to Canada if Trump wins the White House?

[Photo credit: Rick Stewart/Getty Stringer] Sparefoot info graphic used with permission