Did News Of Kathryn Dennis’ New Boyfriend Lead Thomas Ravenel To Quit ‘Southern Charm’?

Kathryn Dennis' New Boyfriend Lead Thomas Ravenel To Quit 'Southern Charm'

Kathryn Dennis has reportedly rekindled her romance with former boyfriend Aaron Jones, and in response to her relationship news, Thomas Ravenel may have officially quit Southern Charm.

According to a new report, Ravenel went on a Twitter rant earlier this week and told fans he would not be seen on future episodes of Southern Charm just a short while after the Daily Mail shared details of Kathryn Dennis’ rekindled relationship.

“Kathryn is dating Aaron. They dated before and they’re dating again. I’ve never met him and I don’t get too involved in that sort of stuff,” Kathryn Dennis’ father, Luke, revealed during an interview with the Daily Mail.

Although Kathryn Dennis told fans on Instagram that she was so happy with Jones earlier this month, the couple is not engaged as some reports have claimed. While the reality star and mother of two did surface with a ring recently, her father confirmed she and Jones were not yet planning to wed.

“I’ve spoken to [Kathryn Dennis] about that and she says there’s nothing to talk of them being engaged,” he explained. “I would know if they were. We’re very close like that. She lived out here with us for a while before she moved into her new house in Mount Pleasant. No there’s no truth to that.”

As for who Jones is, the outlet revealed he was a marketing executive who has a home in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

During their last stint as a couple, claimed a friend, Kathryn Dennis and Jones moved in together shortly after their romance began but things simply “didn’t work out” between them.

On May 9, LaLate revealed Ravenel quit Southern Charm just moments after news of his ex-girlfriend’s romance with Jones was confirmed.

“Enjoy Southern Charm if you like me in it bc this will be my last season. They pay peanuts and destroy your life in the process,” Ravenel reportedly wrote.

On May 10, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Ravenel tweeted a response to Kathryn Dennis’ dating news, which read, “I’m glad KD is dating and have met the guy and think he’s nice and have tweeted so.”

A short time after the post was shared, Ravenel deleted it from his account.

Kathryn Dennis began dating Ravenel during the first season of Southern Charm, and about nine months later, the former couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Kensington. From there, Kathryn Dennis and Ravenel embarked on an up and down romance, much of which was chronicled during Southern Charm Season 2. However, despite splitting a number of times, Kathryn Dennis and Ravenel got back together briefly in early 2015, and in November of that same year, their second child, son Saint Julien, was born.

While Ravenel claims to be done with the show in light of Kathryn Dennis’ romance with Jones, it should be noted that the reality star has claimed to be quitting a number of times in the past and failed to follow through.

As for Kathryn Dennis’ possible return to Southern Charm, she appears to be enjoying her time in the spotlight, and while she and Landon Clements have butted heads during Season 3 both on the show and off, their feud doesn’t appear to be something that will keep her from returning to the series for a potential Season 4.

For more of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, tune into Southern Charm Season 3 on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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