Did You Know Justin Bieber Meets ‘Make-A-Wish’ Children In Nearly Every City On His ‘Purpose’ Tour?

Justin Bieber’s long-standing work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation should speak for itself. The superstar has fulfilled over 260 “wishes” for terminally ill children during his seven years of supporting the organization, and his support continues.

Not everyone got that memo. Earlier this week, New Hampshire news station NH1 incorrectly claimed leukemia-sufferer 9-year-old Karlee Drew was “denied” her wish to meet Bieber. NH1 alleged that when Karlee’s family asked Make-A-Wish about the possibility of her meeting the singer, they were told that he is no longer granting wishes.

In what seems to have been a publicity move indirectly for the station’s benefit, NH1 even shared a Facebook post asking people to help “convince” Bieber to “reconsider” his “decision.” Inevitably, the comments section became a hate-fest with users slamming the 22-year-old because of the false notion that he refused to meet Karlee.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Gossip Cop reports the Biebs did not reject any request to meet the little girl. In fact, the singer wasn’t even aware of it until he was told about Karlee’s “wish” request for the first time, just before his Purpose World Tour concert at Boston’s TD Garden Arena on Tuesday afternoon (May 10).

Gossip Cop reveals Bieber quickly agreed to the meeting, and he met Karlee and another little girl in the Make-A-Wish program before his second Boston show on Wednesday.

Melena Lugo, a family friend of the Drew Family, who co-organized a 24-hour social media campaign for Karlee, confirmed this was the case in a public Facebook post on Wednesday.

“I want everyone to know the purpose of putting Karlee’s wish online was never to shame Justin Bieber,” Melena wrote.

She continued, “He honestly didn’t even know anything about the request. He already had a Make A Wish visit scheduled in Boston and from what we’ve heard he does one in every city. As soon as he “heard about Karlee’s request” he said YES. Make a Wish did say that this is the fastest they have ever been able to grant a wish (sic).”

Lugo updated her page on Thursday evening with pictures of Karlee and Justin’s meet, and words of praise for the singer from Karlee’s mother, Pam.

“Karlee had an amazing night with Bieber, she was the happiest I have seen her in along time,” Pam enthused.

She added, “She [Karlee] smiled from ear to ear. Dur[i]ng the concert she would sing and bounce her head side to side with a smile. JUSTIN BIEBER you are an amazing person, so soft spoken and full of love [–] and I thank you for making my daughter’s wish come true!”

Make-A-Wish added its statement on Wednesday, saying, “Justin is a long-standing, committed and generous wish granter. His support for the Make-A-Wish mission remains strong as he continues to grant wishes.”

The Foundation continued, “Justin’s dedication is evidenced by the fact that he has granted a wish in almost every city during his current tour. He will grant two more wishes tonight in Boston, including Karlee’s wish.”

Gossip Cop reports, they have been told that although the heartthrob recently announced he is no longer taking impromptu photos with fans (due to the mostly disrespectful way many of his fans demand those snaps), Bieber’s work with Make-A-Wish is unrelated to that issue and will continue as it has been.

Meanwhile, the parents of another cancer-stricken child who met Bieber the same day as Karlee before his second Purpose Tour concert in Boston, shared pictures online of their daughter Sophia meeting with the singer, and had only good things to say about the evidently misunderstood young star.

“Last night was Sophia’s Make-A-Wish to meet Justin Bieber. Let me tell you all about Justin Bieber,” Sophia’s mom, Alyssa Maglione wrote. “This kid is good guy. He doesn’t have to do these wishes. He chooses to.”

She went on to add, “Justin came in, gave everyone a hug (like, the biggest most warm hug you could ever get) and spent time both with Sophia and Karlee…All in all, it was an amazing night and an experience we will never forget.”

In short: Justin Bieber’s commitment to the children he meets through Make-A-Wish, and ongoing support of the Foundation, doesn’t deserve to be doubted.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]