'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Latest Spoilers Released While New Novel Reflects Modern Politics

As the excitement over the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens has started to cool, and it's well past the $2 billion mark in sales, details of the latest Star Wars episode in the latest trilogy are starting to emerge. Fans will get to see another famous face added to the cast while the latest Star Wars book fills in the gaps for curious fans.

Headline & Global News reported that the latest Star Wars episode is getting an impressive list of celebrity cameos added to its cast. The latest celebrity to make an appearance is actor Tom Hardy. Hardy took over the lead part for Mel Gibson in the latest Mad Max movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Confirmation finally came down from the studio that Hardy won't have a major part in the movie, but he will play the part of a First Order Stormtrooper. He appears in one specific sequence.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Prince William and Prince Harry of Great Britain visited the set for Star Wars Episode: VIII. While they were there, they also filmed a sequence for the movie, and they will appear as stormtroopers. While they were on set, it was cleared so that they could secretly film their scene in the movie. Only essential personnel were allowed to watch the filming of the scene. If the scene does remain in the movie, fans will get to see the princes in the movie although their faces will be shielded.

While the princes only appear in cameos in the latest episode, Hardy's character will have a brief speaking part where he runs into Finn, someone he was buddies with when they were at the academy. Not knowing that Finn is actually on a secret mission, the unnamed stormtrooper walks up to Finn and slaps him on the behind in greeting.

Many of the stormtroopers with Finn were killed during the Star Base battle. Since the stormtrooper greets Finn so warmly and mentions that Finn is an infiltrator and a spy, it is believed that the First Order is spreading this rumor to cover up the truth. The moment does provide a bit of comic relief to the scene because Finn really is on a mission, but it's for the Resistance.

Mashable reported that the latest Star Wars book, Bloodlines, will offer new information for fans who were disappointed by the small part played by General Leia in The Force Awakens. It also bears a striking resemblance to the current politics in America.

The book begins about six years before The Force Awakens, the seventh Star Wars movie. Leia is now a senator who wants to retire and travel the galaxy with Han Solo. She is a member of the Populists party, a group that wants a small central government similar to the Democrats while the Centrists want a strong central government. General Leia resembles a Hillary Clinton figure.

Leia sees the downfall of the government happening, not because the people will choose the wrong side, but because the two sides in the debate have stopped talking, and they're not listening to each other. She wants to think logically, rather than across party lines. This gives her an unlikely ally in a crime syndicate and long lost race of warriors who are well funded and well armed.

Fans will have to wait until December 2017 for the next episode in the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Disney will release Star Wars: Rogue One in December 2016, an anthology movie whose plot takes place between the third and fourth episodes of the Star Wars series.

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