WWE News: Legend Rips WWE And Blames Them For Not Getting Roman Reigns Over

Ever since WrestleMania 32, there have been two key names in the spotlight of the wrestling world. One is Roman Reigns who won the WWE World Heavyweight Title and is now the face of the company even though the majority of the fans could care less. The other is a legend and he’s been extremely critical of WWE in recent weeks. Bret “Hit Man” Hart’s latest issue is that Roman Reigns isn’t to blame for not getting over, it’s WWE.

Right before WrestleMania 32, Hart let the world know that he thought the card for the event was the worst in history. After that, he let it be known that he was going to be at Payback to be in Natalya’s corner, but he didn’t really care to be there.

A couple of days ago, Hart said that the late Chyna (Joanie Laurer) would probably never be voted into the WWE Hall of Fame due to her past relationship with Triple H. Now, the negative feelings about WWE and its product continue to spill forth from the mouth of the former WWE Champion.

wwe news bret hit man hart roman reigns booking over fans

Recently, Bret Hard spoke with Notts TV News about a number of topics in the wrestling world, and a big thing they talked about was Roman Reigns. At one point, Reigns’ current mega push in WWE was compared to the failed push that Lex Luger was given back in 1993.

Another thing talked about was how Reigns is connecting with the WWE fans. No matter what he does, he’s booed by just about anyone and everyone in any building that he enters. Since becoming champion, things have gotten even worse, and the fans have totally turned on him.

Bret Hart doesn’t think that Reigns is to blame for the way the fans treat him, but he slams WWE for the way they have booked him.

“I think Roman Reigns is actually a hard working, decent wrestler and he [has] got potential. Whether he [has] got the potential to carry the company, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like the fans are into that too much, but I think a lot of it is bad booking, just really lousy booking, like, when I look at WrestleMania and look at how they built him in the Royal Rumble, they booed him all the way in it for the short time he was in there. And then they had him get hurt by The Authority where 10 guys beat him on the floor, which was so contrived. And then he went back to the dressing room and then he came out at the very end. He still didn’t win. He got dumped out by Triple H, but it was like just too manufactured and too set up [for] people to digest it. And they kind of left it back up and it kind of ruined the making of him again as it led into WrestleMania. I thought it was just bad booking, bad story booking.”

It’s no surprise that many agree that Roman Reigns isn’t great on the mic, but he is talented in the ring. There is also the fact that the fans haven’t always hated him as they loved him when he was a part of The Shield.

Maybe Hart has a point as the fans have truly turned on Reigns since he went out on his own, and he’s been pushed to the moon for two years. When there were stars like Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt, and numerous others that they wanted to see with the title, it was Reigns getting the spot.

The fans didn’t like that and so they turned on him.

wwe news bret hit man hart roman reigns booking over fans

Hart then gave some insight into how WWE should have booked Reigns at the Royal Rumble and even ripped into the scripted nature of wrestling. He oddly said that “if the Royal Rumble was legitimate, the last two guys in it would be the Big Show and Mark Henry.”

Bret “Hit Man” Hart has been extremely critical and negative of WWE lately, and it’s kind of odd that it’s come out so much with him appearing at Payback this Sunday. His harsh words for the way WWE has treated Roman Reigns is very interesting. While it is good to see him build up young talent, hearing him destroy the company as he’s about to appear for them is quite intriguing and could lead to issues in the future.

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