‘Big Brother Canada’ 4, Week 9 Spoilers: POV Upset Causes Turmoil in the House As Power Moves Made By HOH Cassandra

On Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada 4, it was revealed Cassandra had won the Head of Household (HOH) designation for week 9 of the game via a family member. Essentially, cast members’ friends and family members played in the HOH challenge for their loved ones and Cassandra’s dad was able to garner the crown for her. The competition required those playing to hit a button once they believed 1,000 rocks had dropped into a pit. The person who came closest to the 1,000 number took the win.

As such, Cassandra was forced to decide who would be nominated for eviction in week 9, so she decided to go after the Pax Brothers, Nick and Phil. She had spoken with them prior to nominations about her decision and during the conversation they called her move laughable. Cassandra also nominated Nikki for eviction; however, the international icon was informed before nominations that she was not the target, but simply a pawn. Thus, if things were to go as planned, Nikki would only be on the block to ensure the target, initially Nick and Phil, would be sent packing to jury.

Subsequently, according to live feed spoilers reported on Joker’s Updates, the Big Brother Canada Power of Veto (POV) competition took place. As fate would have it, Nick and Phil, who are playing as one house guest, won the week 10 POV. Nevertheless, Cassandra had a plan should one of her nominees be saved by the awesome medallion.

The POV ceremony was held and, as expected, Nick and Phil saved themselves and exited the chopping block by using the Power they’d just won. Cassandra was ready and targeted a strong player in the house, Jared, as a replacement nominee. Clearly, his closest ally and showmance partner, Kelsey, was not pleased.

In the days that followed, turmoil has taken place in the Big Brother Canada house, although it was seen in bits and pieces as the live feeds seemed to be up and down. At one point, according to Online Big Brother, Cassandra was concerned about Joel following the POV ceremony, as he was not acting like himself.

During another live feed moment, Cassandra confronted Kelsey in the restroom, saying she heard Jared had been talking badly about her the night before. Online Big Brother reports that Cassandra was so angry, she told Kelsey she hopes the eviction vote between Jared and Nikki is a tie so she, as reigning HOH, could “kick him out” herself.

Kelsey later had a conversation with Nick and Phil regarding Cassandra, according to Joker’s Updates. Nick said that Cassandra has no integrity and only cares about winning Big Brother Canada 4. Kelsey responded by revealing that Cassandra had told her she really wanted the brothers to be evicted this week, but they foiled her plan because the two won the POV.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cassandra began taunting the Pax Brothers, Kelsey, and Jared. Kelsey asked the current HOH if she has gone crazy, according to Joker’s Updates. Cassandra stated she was “tired of being shunned” and having everyone roll their eyes at her when she talks or makes an entrance into a room, Joker’s Updates reports.

The website also notes that Jared then told Cassandra he doesn’t like people “in Winnipeg,” at which point Kelsey warned him to be careful. Cassandra inquired as to who he doesn’t like and Jared then said “specific people,” to which Cassandra stated, “me.” Jared responded with, “I don’t know you,” and Cassandra quipped, “well now you do,” Joker’s Updates reports.

This conversation was followed a few hours later by an argument in which Kelsey accused Cassandra of lying about Jared calling Cassandra “pathetic,” according to Joker’s Updates. Both women then proceeded to call the other “crazy” during the shouting match.

Currently, it appears that Jared will most likely be evicted and sent to jury, but anything could happen as the game turns on a dime. Nonetheless, this week is rumored to be a double eviction, so it will be interesting to see who will follow the likely evictee out the door.

[Photo by Elena Pavlovich/Shutterstock Image]