Jessa Duggar Seewald Reveals She Plans To Raise Her Child Differently Than How Jim Bob And Michelle Raised Her

Jessa Duggar Seewald is the mother of one little boy but plans to have more children and also adopt someday. She was raised in a family with 19 kids, but now Jessa is sharing that she has plans to do a few things differently than how her parents did when it comes to raising her own children. Us Weekly shared what Jessa had to say about her plans for raising her son.

When Jessa was growing up, it was in a huge family, and her son Spurgeon will probably have the same thing. Jessa won’t be doing everything exactly like her mom and dad did, though. Seewald shared her thoughts.

“Spurgeon is still pretty young, but I’m sure that as he continues to grow, I will find that I tend to do some things differently than my mom did. That’s the beauty of the individual family. No one is identical. There will be variations with little things here and there, but I know that our foundational goals remain the same — to raise our kids to love God and be a blessing to others.”

Jessa Duggar Seewald didn’t share her thoughts on her kids courting instead of dating like most people do. Jessa and Ben waited until they were engaged to hold hands and waited for marriage to even kiss. You never know if she will hope that her kids will do the same thing. Jessa did share that her mom knows a lot about babies and is great to lean on for help.

So are Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar mad that Jessa wants to do things her own way? They are not upset at all about this, actually, and support Jessa being an individual. Jessa revealed what her mom thinks and had this to say.

“Every time I come to my mom for advice, she always reminds me that I’ve got this. There’s no pressure to do things just exactly how she did them, but I’m so grateful for all her advice and help. Even when I feel overwhelmed, she’s always there to encourage me and tell me, ‘You’re doing a great job!’ That gives me the courage to trust my instincts and do what I feel is best for my baby.”

Radar Online shared that Jessa is also speaking out about her brother Josh’s scandal and how it affected her. Jessa is admitting that she did defend Josh at first. This all came out while Jessa was pregnant with her son. Seewald is now admitting that she thinks it was really hard on her because she had stuck up for Josh. Here is what she shared.

“I felt like it was especially difficult for me because I had spoken out in defense of Josh and had stood up for him and then there was a whole another wave of things that came through,” the 23-year-old continued, a sentiment her sister Jill has also shared. “It was really difficult for me to just be like, ‘I stood up here, I spoke out for him,’ and yet there were some things he was hiding and wasn’t being honest about. It was very emotional through those months after that, just working through all that.”

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