Prince And Tyka Nelson’s ‘Troubled Relationship’ Before Prince’s Death, Did Prince Want Tyka To Inherit?

Though Tyka, Prince’s own sister, is set to inherit the lot sum of his fortune, Prince may have had other plans before his untimely death. The two have had a rocky relationship from the start, but things were looking down and dire nearer to the pop sensation’s death. Prince and his sister were having trouble getting along, and were even experiencing some serious issues, before Prince’s sudden and heartbreaking death on April 21.

The pop superstar and cultural icon, Prince, left the world in tears on April 21 when he died unexpectedly. Since Prince’s death, things have gotten complicated, and Prince’s significantly less famous sister, Tyka, has become something of a household name since her brother’s untimely passing. The buzz surrounding her comes from her place at the top of the list of candidates for Prince’s massive fortune. Good news for Tyka, but there is a lot to suggest that this may not have been Prince’s plan. Tyka, the 55-year-old sister, was certainly Prince’s closest living relative. However, as most people know, blood isn’t always thicker than friendship. The two had a rocky relationship at best. Prince had a whole slew of friends that he adored, and who adored and supported him as well, but Tyka was not one of them.

The origins of the issues between Prince and Tyka aren’t exactly clear or available, but as early as 2008, Tyka was beginning to spill the beans. During her teen years, Tyka says, things between the two had already soured. According to Hollywood Life, Tyka found it increasingly difficult to deal with her parents’ divorce. Obviously, it wasn’t easy on Prince either, but Tyka expressed that the situation was particularly troubling for herself. The divorce happened when Tyka was 8, and it was clearly difficult for her to cope with at such a young age. By the time she was 13, Tyka says that she had begun to use cannabis to help her cope with the stress.

Furthermore, Prince and Tyka were hardly close. Prince is said to have constantly switched between his parents’ homes. Without a brother to bond with, and without parents to help her cope with the troubles of life, Tyka fell into a pretty dark place. She developed a cocaine habit early on, and as she got older, things spiraled completely out of control. Tyka not only suffered from severe addictions, including to crack cocaine, but also had children to care for. In desperation, Tyka was forced to turn to prostitution to support both her addictions and her children. A picture as to why Tyka and Prince weren’t close is starting to form.

Rather than encourage Prince to help his sister, these problems only got in the way of the siblings. Prince’s music career took off relatively early, and as it did, he apparently became less and less interested in a relationship with his sister. Tyka has told news sources that Prince thought she was “crazy,” which certainly didn’t help matters. Eventually, Prince did help his sister get into a rehab program that helped her kick some of her habits. Good news, but short lived. Prince soon stopped financially supporting his sister. Again desperate, People reports that Tyka eventually turned to the media, and in 2003 she sold the story of her relationship with Prince to the National Enquirer. Throughout the 2000s, Prince and Tyka clearly had some serious family issues.

“I love my brother, but I’m not a yo-yo. He can’t just keep spinning me in and out of his life.”

Even though the two had gone through a serious rough patch, things eventually picked up. Tyka got sober, to the relief of Prince, and this seems to have helped her get her own talents in order. Prince even helped Tyka get her own music career back on track. Way back in 2008, Tyka released her sixth album, A Brand New Me, a nice surprise for fans of the family. Some Prince fans were disappointed in Tyka’s music and didn’t think she deserved recognition.

Just as talented as her brother, and now getting some recognition for it, it seems the two came to terms with their past. Tyka had much less to say about her relationship with her brother after her album released, at least for the eight years between then and the tragic death of Prince.

Trouble or no trouble, Tyka was one of the first people to arrive at the announcement of Prince’s death. The heartbroken sister dyed her hair purple in honor of her superstar brother, and took pains to comfort fans with loving words. The two have had a long and difficult past, but it seems like the future is a little brighter. Prince was worth somewhere in the area of a whopping $300 million, and since he didn’t make a will before he tragically passed, Tyka is the favorite for receiving the estate. We can all hope that the reparations the two made to their relationship in recent years worked as well as they seem to have, and that Prince died knowing his sister loved him. The two also have five half-siblings, who may also receive some of the estate. Whatever happens to Prince’s estate, fans can rest assured knowing that Tyka and Prince had at least some good times, and in later years seem to have gotten over their troubles.

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