50 Cent Meets 'Long Lost Son' At Meet And Greet -- Introduces Fans To Davian On Instagram

Rapper 50 Cent has three sons, not two, and it sounds like he didn't even know that until a recent meet and greet event. On Saturday evening, the New York rapper took to Instagram and introduced fans to his son Davian. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has been known to prank his fans before but this doesn't look like a joke. Ever since, 50 has been posting pictures of his long lost son and even shared a letter from Davian's teacher about his academic achievement. What fans haven't heard yet is the backstory to this sudden meet up with his son and how 50 Cent confirmed that the kid really belongs to him.

One thing is for sure, Davian really looks like 50 Cent. The rapper posted a picture of himself and Davian to Instagram on Saturday night. In the caption, he wrote, "My life is full of surprises, this little guy is my son DAVIAN. He started crying, I was thinking why you crying i gotta pay for this s**t. LMAO."

So is 50 Cent laughing in his post because it's all a big joke or because he thought the comment about having to pay more child support was funny? Either way, not everyone is convinced by this story of meeting his long lost son while signing autographs for fans according to Bossip. He hasn't shared any information aside from the Instagram photos and there is still no word about who this child's mother might be.

Rapper 50 Cent already has two sons that fans know about. He has a strained relationship with 19-year-old Marquise Jackson, whose mother is Shaniqua Tompkins. Marquise and 50 have a pretty shaky relationship and he has taken on his dad via social media in the past. How will he handle finding out that 50 Cent not only has another son, but that he's showing him off all over social media? His other son, Sire Jackson, is just 3-years-old and his mother is model Daphne Joy.

Even Hot New Hip Hop questioned whether 50 Cent really had another son or if this was another one of his "ridiculous troll jobs." If it is another joke, 50 Cent is going above and beyond to make it believable. One day after posting a picture of himself and Davian, 50 jumped on Instagram again to brag on the little boy.

Apparently Davian is a smart little kid and has impressed his teacher by getting great grades and an even better score on a citywide English test. The proud papa posted a letter from Davian's teacher that talks about what a great student 50 Cent's supposed son is. Right after that, 50 Cent posted another picture of Davian to his social media account. This one featured the 5th grader all dressed up like a modeling photo shoot. The photo was captioned, "This is Davian doing his, I'm cooler then my dad look.???? Talking about meet me at Red Stix. LMAO."

Noisy, a blog for Vice, is already cracking jokes about the father-son meetup. They want to know the simple things like whether or not Davian had to pay for the meet and greet where he met his potential father. They also asked if 50 Cent signed his son's merchandise as "50 Cent" or if he wrote "dad."

Unless 50 Cent comes clean and lets fans know more details about how he determined that Davian was his son, it looks like most are chalking it up to an epic joke from a rapper who is known for clowning around and pranking people on social media. Do you think 50 Cent really met his "long lost son" while signing autographs for fans? Or is this one of the least funny jokes that 50 Cent has ever played on his fans, especially since he already has two sons and one of them wants nothing to do with him? Tell us if you think the rapper is joking, or if he really has a 5th-grade son named Davian in the comments section below.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]