‘All Yours’: Hallmark Channel TV Movie Delights With Handsome ‘Manny’ For Single Mom, Starring Nicollette Sheridan, Dan Payne

All Yours, also known as The Manny, is a brand new original film that will debut this weekend on the Hallmark Channel. Viewers have been anticipating a new line up of original movies since the Hallmark Channel wrapped up its “Countdown to Valentines” this past February. Directed by Monika Mitchell and written by Ari Posner and Gregg Rossen, All Yours is a comedy movie about a hotshot lawyer who hires a handsome man as her nanny.

The Hallmark feature flick stars, Nicollette Sheridan as Cass Lempkin, Dan Payne as Matthew Walker, Genea Charpentier as Emma, Lochlyn Munro as Henry, Jayne Eastwood, Michael Kopsa as Charles Walker, Karen Holness as Winnie, Kiefer O’Reilly as Quinn, Graeme Duffy as Stage Manager, Guy Christie as Witness, Brooks Darnell as Benji Sheppard, and Mark Brandon as Vincent.

Hallmark’s All Yours Movie Synopsis

All Yours looks into the life of Cass—a high-strung attorney who is a single mom to two children. With her crazy work schedule and long hours, Cass needs a good nanny that can look after the children and stick to her highly structured but grueling class and activity schedule for the kids. The problem is these sweet little kids keep running off the nannies that the agency is supplying.

This time, Cass’ meddling mother has a solution, which is to hire Matthew—a handsome man who is well cultured and warm. At first glance, he seems like the perfect fit for the kids, but Cass is not open to the idea of hiring a “manny.” Plus, Matthew is only accepting the job as a nanny after his father leads him into a bet, believing that he is unable to settle down and stay in one place.

When the strict and overprotective Cass finally decides to hire him out of sheer desperation, she is pleasantly surprised by his skills.

As Cass and Matthew become closer, a sweet romantic idea is planted in their minds, which slowly leads them into a relationship that may become more than just a professional one but one that blossoms into a family unit. Will Matthew’s warmth and spontaneity help Cass to see that her overprotective and rigid parenting style is not what makes a perfect mom? And will everything be ruined when Cass learns the truth about why Matthew signed up for the job as a nanny?

All Yours, aka The Manny, is a wholesome family comedy movie that addresses the problems that many single mothers face—childcare for their kids. And it is that very fact that sparked the idea for the Hallmark movie.

In an interview with Hallmark Channel‘s Home And Family about All Yours, Nicollette Sheridan stated that the idea was brought to her by a male producer who was also having a hard time finding childcare for his children, stating that most of the women were busy and married, and most of the single men were the only ones available for babysitting.

The Hallmark movie also forces the audience to open their minds to the idea of hiring a man as a nanny, instead of a woman. According to MyManny, there are some definite advantages to hiring a male nanny or manny. Here are some of them.

  1. Hiring a manny gives you the opportunity to provide your children with a consistent male role model — a figure that may be missing in their lives.
  2. A manny would ensure that your children have a positive male influence in their day-to-day activities.
  3. A manny will be a great alternative to an older brother figure for your children, particularly if you have a son. Boys relate well to men and tend to take their instructions and guidance with less protest.
  4. Male nannies tend to use a more active approach to childcare. Men are often stronger and faster than women, making them more inclined to take your kids on exciting adventures or to play rough with them.
  5. Men are known as protectors and kids are arguably safer with an adult male in the house than a teenage or adult female.

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and produced by Storybox Entertainment, #AllYours is executive produced by Alexandre Coscas, Francisco Gonzalez, Nicollette Sheridan, and Shawn Williamson, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

All Yours is a lighthearted and easy-going movie that Hallmark viewers will most certainly enjoy. Please tune in this Saturday, April 2 at 9:00 p.m./8:00 central on Hallmark Channel.

[Image via Hallmark Channel/Facebook]