Woman Swims After Cruise Ship: Susan Brown Tries To Chase Down Husband After Argument

A woman decided that it would be a good job to chase down a cruise ship after she thought her husband was on it and leaving her behind. Telegraph shared the details of what happened when Susan Brown decided to swim after a cruise ship. She is lucky that she is alive. After trying to swim after the cruise ship, Brown used her handbag to help her float along and somehow survived for four hours in the water. Of course, she never made it to the cruise ship like she had planned when she started swimming.

Susan Brown never made it to the cruise ship, but luckily she was able to get picked up by a fishing boat and was saved. It turns out that Brown thought her husband was back on the cruise ship. She was near the Madeira Airport when she jumped into the water to try to swim to the ship. One of the men who found her said she was lucky to be alive. The fact that her handbag was floating may have helped to save her life.

Funchal port captain Felix Marques explained what made Susan Brown decide to follow the cruise ship by jumping into the water.
"She says that when they were at the airport, her husband told her he was getting a taxi and returning to the cruise liner but that didn't happen and he boarded the plane. She was very lucky to survive. She was in the water for more than three hours and was suffering from the effects of hypothermia when she was rescued by fishermen who heard her cries for help around 12.20am on Sunday. All she had on her was the clothes she was wearing and a handbag which she was clinging to. "
This couple was actually out on a cruise that was supposed to last for 32 days. They were on the 28th day of the cruise when they decided that they were ready to head home. The cruise operator Cruise & Maritime Voyages offered them flights out of the Portuguese island to fly back to Bristol on Saturday evening. Her husband got off the cruise ship and ended up on that flight, but Susan thought he had got back on the ship.
A friend said that Susan Brown was really excited about going on the cruise ship for a holiday. Here is what her friend revealed.
"Sue was very much looking forward to the cruise. She was over the moon with it. We saw her a few days before she left and she was fine but full of apologies that she wouldn't be able to help with the coffee mornings and flowers and the cleaning. I don't know when they were due back apart from after Easter."
Toronto Sun revealed that Susan Brown explained that they made the decision to get off the cruise ship together. While at the airport, Susan and her husband got into an argument and she lost sight of him. The water near the cruise ship was at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. After being taken to the hospital, the women who tried to swim to the cruise ship was treated for advanced hypothermia and was later moved to a psychiatric ward. Police do plan to interview her again.

Are you shocked to hear that Susan Brown survived trying to swim to a cruise ship? Do you feel like she really thought her husband was on that ship? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about this woman who decided to try and swim to a cruise ship. Susan Brown is very lucky to live to tell her story.

[Photo by James Morgan/Cunard via Getty Images]