'The Willis Family' News: What Happened To This Family And How Did They Get Their Money?

Everyone is loving the show The Willis Family, which airs on TLC. Now everyone is kind of curious how this family makes their money and a living. Last week on a new episode, the Willis Family showed that they have so many acres of land that they will be giving some to every single one of their 12 children plus building a studio for their music career. Starcasm shared the details on how the Willis Family makes their money and can afford all of these things. It all comes from a terrible tragedy that happened to the family.

It does cost a lot of money to take care of 14 people, but the Willis family has found a way to make it work. Toby and Brenda Willis do have something in their past that has made it hard on them. Toby's parents were in an accident along with their children. Six of the nine children passed away in this accident. This accident happened to the Willis family because they ran into a piece of debris on the road and it was found out later that this debris fell off of a truck whose driver obtained his license through a government bribe. As the fan crashed, it burst into flames.

So, this wreck took the lives of six children, but it also made the Willis family very rich. They received a large amount of money from the state of Illinois. It was actually $100 million that the family got from this wreck. Toby was already married to Brenda and they had children when the crash occurred. He is the oldest of the Willis children. Brenda was actually pregnant with Jennifer at the time of the crash. Of course, Toby Willis would rather have his siblings around than have this cash.

WGNTV shared that when this wreck happened, the Willis family was headed to see their other son Dan and his family. The youngest five children died right away and the other one died the next day. Toby Willis shared that this accident helped them to look at life differently and realize what is important.

Obviously, this huge settlement helped out the Willis family and had to be part of why they have so much money. They have been able to work on their music group, which is called The Willis Clan. The family is very creative and plays music, plus writes songs, and they have been able to work on this over the years. As they show on their series The Willis Family, they do a lot of touring and are not really home that much.

Now the Willis family does have some income coming in for sure. They go out on tours, have three albums out and, of course, have their reality show on TLC. This, of course, brings in money for the Willis family, but that $100 million settlement had to help. There is no exact amount revealed of what they make, but obviously, it is good money on this show.

Chicago Tribune shared that they will perform the song "The Road to Watertown" tonight that was written in memory of their family. They explained that this song is about the music and there are no words. This song was written by Jennifer Willis for her aunts and uncles, who were on their way to Watertown when the crash happened. This crash also helped to expose corruption tied to former Gov. George Ryan.

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[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]