‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Forms A Plan, Dr. Finn Arrives In Port Charles, And Spinelli Uncovers Information On Hayden

There are juicy moments on the way with Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers note that there is positive news coming for Tracy, while secrets are front-and-center for many throughout Port Charles. What can viewers expect from the March 22 show?

As viewers saw on Monday’s episode, Tracy’s test results showed no sign of cancer, which came as a big relief. Fans had been speculating that Larry Ashton may have somehow poisoned Tracy during that surprise encounter in Mexico, and it is looking like that may indeed be the case. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that Tracy gets some good news in this next show.

Fans now know who Michael Easton will play in his new GH role, Dr. Hamilton Finn. He is an infectious disease specialist and Monica has contacted him to see if he can help solve the mysteries of Tracy’s case. He is seemingly intrigued, and it sounds as if he immediately heads to Port Charles to dig into this case.

General Hospital spoilers share that Tracy will be trying to leave the hospital, but Monica isn’t about to let her head home yet. It sounds as if this medical crisis will continue for a bit yet, as Ned is expected to head back to Port Charles next week to check in on his mother.

Nina is ready to move ahead in her plan to have a baby, and General Hospital spoilers share that she has an appointment set up with Dr. Lee to see if she can get pregnant. Many still suspect that soon Nina will learn that she’s actually Kiki’s biological mother, not Ava, but for now, Nina is pursuing her dream of having a baby no matter what it takes. Will this appointment with Dr. Lee start the ball rolling on this potential truth regarding Kiki to emerge?

Alexis seemingly has Sam and Jason’s divorce in place already and the two will be excited to have their fresh start. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is an awkward moment ahead as Franco runs into the two.

Franco will tell Jason that he assumed Elizabeth had told him everything, and it sounds as if this may be related to Jake. As viewers know, Jason doesn’t remember the explosive history he has with Franco, but this is sure to come up at some point. While Franco may be anxious to support Liz and help Jake, things could get pretty tense in the days ahead.

Helena left Nikolas a portrait of herself with a cup of tea and fans are buzzing about the ultimate meaning of this picture. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nikolas and Hayden will be taking a look at the portrait during Tuesday’s show, trying to figure out what it’s about. As Soap Central shares, Nik will get some shocking news later in the week, but fans will have to stay tuned to see if it’s related to Helena or his wife.

Nikolas isn’t the only one who got a mysterious gift from Helena, as Elizabeth was taunted about Jake’s missing memories and the years he spent with Helena. General Hospital spoilers share that Elizabeth will think she has come up with a plan to help unlock those memories. From the sounds of things, viewers will need to be prepared for Liz to be away for a bit very soon, and there may be big changes ahead for Jake not too far down the road.

Spinelli is back in the mix of things during Tuesday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers tease that he uncovers something interesting about Hayden’s history. Viewers know that Hayden is seemingly really someone named Rachel, but now the name Naomi Dreyfus is said to pop up in association to Hayden somehow as well. What is the truth about Hayden’s past? Later in the week, Elizabeth is said to uncover a secret about Nik’s wife as well and she will surely be scrambling to maintain her cover.

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